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I won’t forget the day. I met a girl. I liked her, she liked me. I thought to myself, don’t mess this one up, don’t mess this one up. I messed it up. At the end of our lengthy conversation I said, “Can we be friends on Facebook?” She took it as the ultimate affront and turned her back on me, never to look back since. On a different, better day, I was spending some time with someone else. I was feeling out where things were with a mutual friend of ours. I wondered if there might be some interest. She said to me, “Oh, I added him on LinkedIn, not Facebook.” Relieved I said, “OK.”

What is this madness we’ve gotten ourselves into? I can just as well talk to someone on Facebook as I can Twitter, or LinkedIn. But they mean different things in different contexts. And so in one situation adding someone on Facebook is too close for comfort, in the next it’s taken as a rejection. In all cases though, social networking intimately affects our deepest relationships.

SocialLink Home

Into this oft chaotic and misunderstood social networking world, comes SocialLink. It’s the glue that holds our social networking worlds together. It’s simple really. Download it for free, sign into your social network accounts, and then add friends to your favorite social networks as you see fit. You have two options for adding friends. The first is for hip, liked minded people who are already in the know and have SocialLink installed. In this case you can send them a direct link. The next is the email option where you send them a regular friend request by email.

The possibilities here are endless. Let’s say you meet someone and are really into them. If the connection’s mutual you can just go for it and send them a full dose of all your social links. Or let’s say you’ve been getting to know someone for a while and are ready to move to the next step. You can start with Instagram and Twitter and work your way up to Facebook. If along the way you decide they’re a better professional contact you can add them to LinkedIn instead. As an aside, I’m going to take this time to promote my philosophy on dating and Facebook. Wait three months to announce your relationships. It makes things so much easier. For those looking for further social networking advice you can learn everything you need to know in this SouthPark episode.

Social networks offer us the means to connect with people in ways that were never available before. These powerful tools have rekindled relationships, reconnected long lost friends, and given all of us a way to keep track of those that mean the most to us. SocialLink makes it easier than ever to manage these relationships across the various social networks and their perceived social contexts. They give us the tools, it’s up to us to learn how and when to use them. As for me, I’ve since taken to the Go for the phone number, not the Facebook policy. For those taking notes here’s what to say, “Can I get your phone number?” It’s amazing how well that one works.

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