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WomenWeb: An All-Inclusive site for the Modern Female Lifestyle

Twenty-one years ago, John Gray published the seminal book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” arguing that – brace yourselves – the sexes are different and that couples must acknowledge and accept these differences before they can develop happier relationships.  So now you tell me!

Well, now comes data further confirming Gray’s theory.  Specifically, it’s becoming abundantly clear that men and women use the Internet differently.  According to a recent survey by the Pew Research group, women have been significantly more likely to use social networking sites than men since 2009. In December 2012, 71% of women were users of social networking sites, compared with 62% of men.

Furthermore, women use the Internet to communicate, find recreational activities, and solicit recommendations more than men.  But there’s just one problem.  There still isn’t one site that ties all of this together.  Facebook is, well, Facebook.  Women have flocked to Pinterest, but it’s not a great place to, say, get feedback from other women on a specific product.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, except that in the real world, jumping from site to site can get a bit time-consuming, if not downright annoying.  The fact is that the typical woman’s online experience is segmented across multiple sites.  Until now.

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WomenWeb is an all-encompassing, social media-friendly site that enables women to organize their lives both online and offline.

When you visit WomenWeb, you’ll immediately see a bunch of interesting and compelling content, including “Editor’s Choices” as well as a News Feed, while the right hand side of the page shows your Activity Wall.  Of course, the only way to truly experience WomenWeb is to register, which is precisely what I did (posing as a man.  Want to be fully objective here.)

After entering my gender, date of birth, and city, I selected three interests: arts, movies, and stories.  I also had the option of uploading a photo.  All of this information populates your dashboard/home page.  From there you can find friends on Facebook, post a Status update, and upload more photos.  In this sense it greatly resembles a social media site in its own right.

But again, WomenWeb is far more than just a social media site.  Take its wealth of women-oriented content, for example.  The top navigation bar includes Entertainment, Food & Beverages, Fashion & Style, Lifestyles & Interests, Travel & Leisure, Sex & Relationship, and Social Life & News.  Click on any of these pages, and you’ll get a wealth of cool content, which you can share, comment on, and discuss with other users.  Again, this is great stuff, because if we are to believe the research that’s coming out, women are particularly amenable to interesting, actionable content.  And until now, no site has truly acknowledged this reality.

WomenWeb Picture Viewer

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Future iterations include horoscopes, Foursquare maps, chat rooms by interests, and more.  Again, everything a woman needs for an end-to-end online experience, all in one place.

Ongoing research suggests that women are the vanguard of the Internet, particularly social media.  At the same time, the social media world is evolving.  For example, we learned a few days ago that 61 percent of Facebook users are taking breaks that are “several weeks” long, and that virtually all age groups are decreasing their time on the social media site.  Perhaps you’re one of them.  This seems to suggest that people – especially women – are looking for something different, a new destination that’s more inclusive and attuned to their interests, goals, and dreams.  For women in particular, WomenWeb may just be the place.

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