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LoveAgain: Match-Making for the Young at Heart

When ruminating on the timeless topic of love, I always turn to the great thinkers: John Lennon and Paula Abdul.  Let’s start with the former.

There’s a tremendously poignant passage in “John Lennon: The Life,” by Philip Norman, in which John is talking to a heartbroken friend.  The friend is super-bummed because his girlfriend left him.  To which John calmly says, “Well that’s the thing about love, yeah?  You can always try again.”

And John was right.  Thanks to the Internet, more and more older people can experience the rush and thrill of love yet again, all without having to try and pick up people at noisy, crowded bars (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.  But most of us already did that in our 20s.)  Furthermore, as we get older, we look for different things in a partner.  Some of us may seek companionship.  Others, fiery and unbridled romance.  Others may seek both.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can likely find it on LoveAgain (its UK counterpart is MatureDatingUK.)  It’s a new dating site specifically geared towards older individuals and it can help you make John’s astute advice a reality.

LoveAgain Home

Of course, the best way to get an idea of a dating site is to sign on and experience it yourself.  Which is precisely what I did.

Upon activating my account, I was taken directly to my profile page.  I created my screen name, and filled out a message form along with a subject.  What you write here gets automatically sent to your 10 best matches, which is cool.  It’s cool because it bypasses one of the most frustrating things about dating sites: endlessly scrolling page after page of candidates.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, except that there’s no vetting mechanism; you can be scrolling away and get tired by page 17.  Just one problem: a really awesome match is on page 19.  So LoveAgain skips that step entirely: you have a chance to define yourself in a few words and based on some nifty keyword searching, your 10 best matches will get the message.  (That said, if you find yourself longing to browse the entire network, you can do that as well.)

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And guess what?  You get an email as well.  Within seconds of submitting my information, I received an e-mail with 10 matches, all of whom were within an hour radius.  From my e-mail I could see their photos, send them an e-mail, or chat with them.  So that’s a great starting point.

Moving forward, you can build out your profile by uploading photos or integrating photos from Facebook.  You can also get very specific in terms of your preferences in a mate, noting hair color, height, children, education, etc.  Which bring us to what is perhaps the coolest part of LoveAgain.  As much as we love Paula Abdul, generally speaking, opposites don’t attract.  (Again, generally speaking.)

LoveAgain is tailor-made for people who’ve been down love’s highway in the past and know what they’re looking for.  Its ability to unearth commonalities and similarities that can help you, well, find love again.  What have you got to lose?

(And it’s nothing personal, Paula.  We’re big fans, really.  Especially when you danced with the animated cat.)

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