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Uniform Dating: Find the Mate the Suits You Best

Finding the right person to date can be challenging. Everyone has a different strategy on how to go about their pursuit of love. For some this means going to parties and reveling with friends. For others it’s about getting involved in various activities and meeting those with similar interests. (Hey, what a concept!) And then there are those who are drawn to persons dressed up in uniform.

I couldn’t know exactly why some people love those whose profession supplies and maintains a dress code. It could be related to one’s desire to be around someone in authority. Perhaps it creates a sense of trust and security. Or maybe it’s the desire to be around someone who’s dressed up in a nice predictable manner. Whatever the reason, a person in uniform is a big turn on to a lot of people.

Uniform Dating Home

Providing an online venue for those looking for love in the ‘uniformed’ sector, is Uniform Dating. It’s the one stop online destination for those in uniform to meet those that seek them. Whether you’re one who dons a uniform, or one who likes those that do, Uniform Dating is the place to be.

It functions much like other dating sites, with the focus revolving around the role of the well suited mate. Each will enter their details and then can pursue the uniformed singles that fit them best. Some of the more popular options are of course firemen, policemen, nurses, and especially soldiers. I’m sure it’s a shock to no one that all of these are in high demand on the dating market. Certainly not all uniforms elicit cupid’s arrow. We’ll take the time to point out, as far as nurses go, the fantasy is far different than the reality. The Halloween version includes short skirts, open midriffs, cute hats, garters, and heels. The drab pale blue pant suit gowns nurses actually wear, however, are decidedly unstimulating. They’re known only for inspiring the words, “Hey honey, don’t you want to change into something more comfortable?” I can attest to the feeling of not wanting to get too close to the quasi bio-hazmat suit that likely has all sorts of infectious ooze on it. I think most of us will happily stick with the Halloween version of things and leave the professional nursing attire for the workplace.

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I have to concede, I’ve received some of the worst advice on dating ever from a friend who wears a uniform. He’s offered such gems as “maybe it was just pheromones” or “let the woman choose you.” I guess pheromones exist and are something that we might want to be aware of. The idealist in me hopes that we are slightly more sophisticated than that so as to consider such things as character, values, and personality. And letting the woman choose you leads to not getting the girl you want. But the pursuit of mates must go on. And flight attendants, pilots, and airmen and women of all walks of life are just as interested in dating as the rest of us. Many of them are absolutely wonderful people to know.

To sign up simply go to UniformDating.com and walk through the basic personal info questions. These include the gender and age you’re looking for and your own birth date and gender. From there add your location and an email address to manage the account. Once signed in you can begin your Uniform Dating experience. Those who care for country and public safety await and all others can join in.

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