EVNTLIVE: On-Demand Provider of Live Concerts

For better or worse, I am a fan of the New York Yankees.  It’s how I was raised; I had no choice in the matter.  But I do have a choice whether to go to their games in the Bronx, and every time I choose not to buy a ticket.  The answer is simple: cost, convenience, and the fact I can have an equally great experience from the comfort of my own home.  In other words, professional sports have figured this problem out, and fans consider it perfectly natural to skip the “real” thing and instead watch it on TV, tablet, or iPhone.

So what if this same phenomenon was applied to live music?  What if, instead of having to navigate through a complex ticket purchasing process, getting gouged by ridiculous fees, and getting beer spilled on you in the way-back row, you could see your favorite live concerts on your tablet, computer, or phone?

With EVNTLIVE, you can.

EVNTLIVE isn’t just a purveyor of online media, it is – if you can wrap your head around it – an actual venue.  It’s an on-demand curator of live concerts online, which makes it akin to a real, physical club, but in digital form.  It’s tremendously cool and much like television with our aforementioned sports analogy, it’s poised to revolutionize the way we “watch” live music.

At the most fundamental level, users will be able to watch Webcasts of live concerts.  Of course, large-scale festivals have this capability, but oftentimes small clubs do not.   Furthermore, the market lacks a single place where users can pull up live concerts, much like they do with music on, say, Spotify.  With EVNTLIVE they can do precisely that.  Users can pay for concerts either on a pay-per-view basis on a sliding scale, at reduced rates, or for free, thanks to sponsors.  Also don’t be surprised if smart musicians out there voluntarily offer concerts for free.  Free publicity is a good thing.

Better yet, EVNTLIVE is fully attuned to our social media world.  You know how during a rocking live show, you turn to your friend and say, “That song ruled!” and your friend says, “What?”  And you scream, “I SAID! THAT! SONG! RULED!” and your friend says, “What?” (And then someone spills a beer on you.)  Well, we can safely say that’s a thing of the past: users can share Twitter and Facebook events of the show in real-time, building a mini-ecosystem around a specific show where people can interact and meet like-minded fans.


Now here at Slapstart we deal with all kinds of start-ups, from the large to the small.  And a cursory Google search finds that EVNTLIVE isn’t fooling around.  It’s already lined up a list of impressive on-demand performances, including Shelby Lynne, Flogging Molly, and Gogol Bordello.  The cost?  Only $2.99 or $3.99 per show.  Users can feel part of the magic of an exciting 40,000 person arena show, or the intimacy or a small club show.  And EVNTLIVE is especially a dream come true for music fans whose favorite artists aren’t touring in their part of the country.

Which bring us to EVNTLIVE’s massive launch just a few days ago.  EVNTLIVE streamed Bon Jovi’s US tour-ending performance in San Jose, CA on April 26th.  In the process, EVNTLIVE made national headlines.  If this is a sign of things to come, the future looks bright for EVNTLIVE, and more importantly, music fans.

On a final note, it’s also worth noting that Jon Bon Jovi grew up in Sayerville, NJ, a mere 35 miles south from where the New York Yankees play.  Coincidence?   I think not.

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