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Clean Pickup: Your One-Stop Your Laundry Pick-Up and Delivery Provider

I recently spent about a week in New York City.  It was insane.  And that’s because I don’t live a the city.  Where I live, even some of the most seemingly annoying tasks – like driving to Target to buy new flip-flops, for example – are relatively seamless.  One could even say pleasant.

In the city?  Not so much.  The sense of siege was real: crowded subways, horns honking at 4 a.m., trash piling up, precariously threatening to topple over and devour a sidewalk at any minute.  (I even saw a driver honk at a limping woman feebly and slowly crossing the street!)  My point: under such duress, people rarely have the time, much less the desire, to engage in mundane tasks.  Which is why I wasn’t surprised to see, on my friend’s fridge, a magnet for a local pick-up laundry service.  “That’s something I’d pay for, no matter the cost,” I told myself.

But not everyone is as fortunate to have a magnet somehow appear on their fridge.  That is, city or not, we’re busy people, and things like laundry get put off until it piles up – literally and metaphorically – at the absolute worst time.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy, convenient way where you could find a laundry and dry cleaning provider who (especially in the Big Apple) picks up your stuff, cleans it, and delivers it to your door, hassle-free?

Lucky for you there’s Clean Pickup.

Clean Pickup Home

Clean Pickup is exactly what you imagine it would be and precisely what you want it to be: a service that takes care of your laundry.  It’s simple, it’s painless, and it’s free.  And here’s how it works.

First, simply enter you address and viola – you get a list of all local cleaners who not only are nearby, but will pick-up your laundry.  Second, schedule a pick-up time online.  Next, forget about your laundry for a spell and go on living your life until it’s ready.  You’ll know this because you’ll get a helpful reminder from Clean Pickup.  And lastly, arrange the delivery.  Heck, imagine yourself opening your front door, clad in slippers and bathrobe, with your clean laundry delivered to your doorstep.  It can happen!

Clean Pickup also has a rewards system: every time you schedule through the site you earn 2,500 points.  Reward points can be easily redeemed online for a variety of cool things, like Amazon Gift Cards, or even charitable donations.  For example, get a $5 Amazon Gift Card for just 11,000 points. Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card for just 20,000 points.  Furthermore, Clean Pickup can be a boon for laundry services themselves.  Clean Pickup will drive more customers their way and won’t charge a monthly service fee.  This is especially good news for services based in places like New York where competition is fierce.  (More info on that here.)

So that, dear readers, is Clean Pickup in a nutshell.  No crazy bells or whistles, just a clean, simple, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly site that will make your life easier.  It fits nicely in a long chronology of city dwellers expecting (and demanding) convenience- such as New Yorkers embracing their constitutional right (you can look it up) to have access to quick, home-delivered Chinese food, or more recently, grocery delivery services like Fresh Direct.  So why not a door-to-door laundry service portal?  It makes perfect sense.

Clean Pickup is all about minimizing life’s seemingly annoying tasks and giving you more time back in your day.  So, using the case of the aforementioned example pertaining to New York, this means City Pickup can give you more time to, let’s say, bask in glorious recycled subway air, meditate on the Zen-like quality of blaring car horns, and ponder the complexities of life while clumsily tripping over street corner trash bags.

What’s not to love?

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