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4AutoInsuranceQuote: Helpful Guidance to Navigate the No-Man’s Land of Auto Insurance

As everyone knows, the Founding Fathers weren’t too keen on “the common folk.”  They didn’t trust them.  The “masses” were rude, unwashed, uneducated, and an unruly lot.  This is why we have checks and balances, the Electoral College, and lifetime Supreme Court justices.  And, I must say, time has proved the Founders to be relatively prescient.  When left to their own devices, the “masses” can do some seriously dumb stuff – just look at, say, the Whiskey Rebellion, the French Revolution, and the baffling rise of One Direction.

But sometimes the “masses” can prove to be valuable.  After all, isn’t that what social media is based on – the insight of friends, colleagues, and folks who have had similar experiences?  This is why we love sites like Yelp, Stack Overflow, and Amazon’s product review page.  And wouldn’t it be nice if there was a site where you could parlay peoples’ experiences in the complicated world of auto insurance?  Again: wouldn’t that be nice?  Well, with its cool Forum feature, 4AutoInsuranceQuote does precisely that.  It’s good stuff, and it’s our feature today.

4AutoInsuranceQuotes Home

Now before we dive into the “crowd-sourced” component of 4AutoInsuranceQuote, let’s first look at what else it provides.  Because it’s a pretty movable feast here.  The site has an easy-to-use quote calculator tool that can save you hundreds of dollars by the time you finish…reading…this…sen.…tence.  It has a blog, learning center, and a glossary to help you read up on auto insurance concepts – and impress your date in the process.  It also allows you to search auto insurance regulations and requirements by state, all Federalist-style which – again, a shout-out to my boy James Madison – is what our country is based on.  Each of these tools on their own is worthy of praise, but since we now live in a world where you can spend thousands of dollars on, say, a vacation rental based on the recommendations of complete strangers, I’d like to focus on the Forum.

The Forum is cool because auto insurance is seemingly infinite in its complexity.  One plan can trigger dozens of different outcomes.  Different cars can yield different plans.  Different locations can yield different rates.  It’s some deep, quantum physics stuff.  Makes you wonder if “reality” is even really real.  And because of that, sometimes auto insurance answers cannot be tidily explained – an additional layer of detail is needed and a personalized response is required.  This is why the Forum is cool.  So let’s take an example.  Word on the street is that Hondas are the most-stolen car.  (Word on the street also says that “most-stolen” is likely bad grammar.)  So here, in the Forum, an individual asks, “What’s the insurance for a 17 year old in Florida buying a 2009 Honda Civic 2-door coupe?”  The answer is “it depends” (as are most answers in life), but the Forum also provides some helpful contextual information, noting that the 2009 Honda Civic has great safety ratings, which can help lower rates.  The more safety features, the greater the discount.

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The Forum also recognizes the differences in auto insurance and enforcement rules by state.  So this poor sap, in another example, was caught without insurance in the great state of Massachusetts.  In the process, we learn that Massachusetts offenders will receive at least a fine of $500 and a 60-day suspended license.  Bummer.  We also learned that due to high traffic congestion and poor roads, Massachusetts auto insurance rates are abnormally high.  (But oh, that chowdah!!!)  Needless to say, the information was quite useful.  (That said, the responses left our poor sap rattled.  His most recent response was traced to a seedy Internet cafe just south of Tijuana.)

So, in summary, does the 4AutoInsuranceQuote Forum have all the answers?  No.  It probably can’t tell you “who made God,” much less why you “drive on parkways and park on driveways.”  But it provides tremendous value in addressing the “no-man’s land” of auto insurance: the space where broad concepts and sheer numbers fail to account for the intricacies and complexities of unique situations.  Again, this is valuable because – spoiler alert! – life is messy.  Throw in its other available tools – the learning center, glossary, blog, and of course, the auto insurance calculator – and 4AutoInsuranceQuote is enough to make the Founding Fathers smile a big group-smile, flashing those disgusting, rotting wooden teeth of theirs.  Ugh…gross.

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