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StudentBees: One-Stop Portal for Everything an Australian Student Needs

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to worry about university was going to class and studying? Sadly, reality is a bit more complicated. Students nowadays have to worry about housing, finding affordable books, tutors, and getting part-time jobs to pay for all these things. What’s worse, while there are sites out there where students can find these things, there isn’t a single site that has them all on one page, devoted exclusively to university students. Until now. Presenting StudentBees: the Australian student’s one-stop site for all things university-related.

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StudentBees was started by Australian students who faced a universal challenge: they lacked a single portal to find everything they were looking for, from buying and selling furniture to exploring financial assistance options. So they built StudentBees, which also has a forum for students from specific universities to discuss their experiences or seek advice. But of course, all of this useful information would be relatively meaningless if it wasn’t organized in an intelligent and easy-to-use manner. Fortunately it is, so let’s take a quick spin, shall we?

Visitors to the home page will immediately see a simple navigator bar up top spelling out options: Things for Sale, Housing, Jobs, Tutoring, Unit News, Links, Deals, Forum, About StudentBees, and Blog. Below that, visitors see some text about the site and below that, excerpts of available products and services. For example, visitors will see close to 6,000 Things for Sale, including Apple laptops and smart phones. As you can imagine, these are things students need, and if they can find these products at an affordable price, they’ll be much better off. Meanwhile, the page’s right-hand column shows the handy and very important Facebook user widget and below that, University News.

The benefit for students attending university is, of course, pretty obvious. They can save money on expenses, find affordable housing, and get the academic support they need. And in fact, it’s this latter piece – providing ongoing educational services, in addition to giving students a platform to buy and sell goods – which makes StudentBees stand out. They can check out entertainment options in their area, get discounted offers to events, and, using the forum page, get advice from other students (because if we remember correctly, we had a lot of questions about everything when we were 20 years old.) And because of this, StudentBees can also benefit students who live at home.

Find a Tutor with StudentBees

We couldn’t help but sense a bit of irony upon seeing that Facebook widget. As we all know, Facebook was originally created for college students only. Of course, that didn’t last very long – soon the platform grew to it’s current state of over one billion users. This made us wonder: if Facebook, naturally, is no longer focused on serving university students, who is? The answer was “no one,” until we came across StudentBees, the definitive one-stop portal for everything an Australian university student needs.

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