Screaming Woman Poem

IssueVoter: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Scream

The sun is out, the day is bright
Get your signs, prepare to fight
March in the streets, before City Hall
All for one, one for all

They’ll hear our voice, as we make a stand
There’s no ignoring, our demands
We are united, our feet will talk
Before all ears, our cause will walk

But did you let, your rep know why
Throughout the town, they hear your cry
Are you aware, when bills pass
They come and go, so very fast

IssueVoter, will guide you through
Select the issues, that mean most to you
Be informed, of upcoming votes
And with a single click, send your rep a note

Stay attuned, to how they perform
Do they advance your cause, or conform
IssueVoter, will raise your voice
It makes democracy, the people’s choice

IssueVoter connects you to the democratic process by giving you alerts for the issues that mean the most to you. It makes it easy to contact your reps and voice your opinions prior to bills being voted on. It also lets you track the results of how your reps vote, and start discussions among your peers.

Sparkler at Sunset Poem

Firedrop: Your Self Driving Web Designer

You need a website, and need it fast
Don’t want endless choices, and options vast
A designer could, get it done
If you had the time, to spend with one

Does it really have, to take all day?
There’s got to be, a better way
Computers already, drive our cars
But design our websites, is that too far?

AI is here, it will never stop
To design your site, use Firedrop
A friendly voice, will lead you through
Her name is Sacha, your design guru

Fill your content, with words and pics
Your newfound friend, will do her tricks
Give feedback, request new designs
She’ll take your thoughts, and refines

Call it progress, or apocalypse
The end of humans, more jobs nixed
Firedrop, will design your site
Takes less time, and comes out right

Firedrop is an automatic web designer. Just add content and your website will be built. You can provide feedback and request changes through their friendly interactive AI designer named Sacha.