Grayscale Elephants with Baby Poem

SnapBits: Always Keep Track of Your Digital Memories

Images, documents
And audio galore
You want to find, a place online
For you to safely store

Color coded, and denoted
Collected and secure
Accessible, super simple
It’s your content to insure

Reminders set, no limits
Upload everything you need
Searchable, tagable
And mobile- indeed

From little notes, and anecdotes
To legal documents and writs
The site you need, is quite easy
For this you want SnapBits

SnapBits lets you store images, text, links, documents, lists, voice recordings and reminders. It makes it easy to keep all your notes and documents organized and accessible from wherever you are.

Badass Computer Hacker Poem

Moseif: Who’s to Blame When Your Api Breaks

Building an app
Takes many teams
It’s from your API
Your data streams

But what to do
When things go wrong
There’s pointing fingers
Of where fault belongs

The app devs blame
But without proof
They can just deny

Look through the logs
To find what happened
Is it a server error
Or code check-in

Finding faulty code
Or resource hogs
Moesif gives insight
To your error logs

Moesif is an error analytics tool for your API. It provides visibility into your API traffic helping you quickly identify and debug issues.

Three Women Sunset Silhouette Poem

MADHAPPY: Style for Life’s Highs and Lows

What to wear
Is a daily quest
To get dressed up
And look your best

Shop at the mall
Or the outlets
Buy jeans or sweats
Shirt or jacket

Entering the scene
Is a brand new line
MADHAPPY’s got mean
New fashion designs

With caps and sweatshirts
Its chic new styles
Are for good times and hurt
For pain and for smiles

Be it a party
Or when you’re out to play
MADHAPPY’s got threads
For all parts of our day

As of Apr 2017 MADHAPPY offers shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and a skateboard. After their recent launch they’re mostly sold out, including the skateboard.

FotoJet Welcome Photo Woman with Flower Poem

FotoJet: A Pretty Picture Says a Thousand Words

You can’t judge a book by its cover
But good books look better than others
To catch the eye
of a passerby
You need something they’ll discover

Social media can be a game
To reach international acclaim
Post a pic
Friends may like it
Then instant internet fame

Design is hard to do
Pick styles, color, and hue
You can take a class
And whether you fail or pass
Each design must start anew

FotoJet has delivered
Its templates are readily tailored
Choose design or collage
From card to montage
Voilà your image is rendered

So when you need to edit a photo
To show it to everyone you know
Just go online
It takes so little time
With FotoJet you’ll look like a pro

FotoJet is an easy to use online photo editor that includes a wide variety of prebuilt designs.