FotoJet Welcome Photo Woman with Flower

FotoJet: A Pretty Picture Says a Thousand Words

You can’t judge a book by its cover
But good books look better than others
To catch the eye
of a passerby
You need something they’ll discover

Social media can be a game
To reach international acclaim
Post a pic
Friends may like it
Then instant internet fame

Design is hard to do
Pick styles, color, and hue
You can take a class
And whether you fail or pass
Each design must start anew

FotoJet has delivered
Its templates are readily tailored
Choose design or collage
From card to montage
Voilà your image is rendered

So when you need to edit a photo
To show it to everyone you know
Just go online
It takes so little time
With FotoJet you’ll look like a pro

FotoJet is an easy to use online photo editor that includes a wide variety of prebuilt designs.

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