Colored Cube Puzzle Poem

Hypothizer: Survey Your Users with Image Analysis

You built a website
And you want to know
More about your users
To help you grow

You could send them surveys
And questionnaires
It will take just five minutes
To see what they share

Although often helpful
And lets you learn
It take time from them
To voice thoughts & concerns

There must be
A better way
To discover what
They have to say

A picture has
A lot of info
About what they like
So you can refine workflows

Hypothizer is
Its image processor
Has an eagle eye

Send in your pics
For it to analyze
Objects, text
Earth, sea, and skies

It takes only seconds
To find out more
Its the silent survey
You’ve been waiting for

Hypothizer is an API accessible Convolutional Neural Network that detects and segments features, text, and scenes in photos.

Red Sand Hourglass Poem

Toggl: The Time Tracker You’ll Actually Use

Where does your time go
It’s hard to say
We fill it with work
Each and every day

But are you achieving
All of your goals
Or do you get distracted
On life’s rocky shoals

Toggl‘s time logger
Will keep track of it
Its timer system
Won’t let you forget

Pick projects, clients
And name your task
Select a color
Add extra tags

Time’s your most precious resource
The most prized
Toggl‘s your one stop shop
To keep organized

Toggl is a cross platform time logger for any project or task. In their words it’s “so simple you’ll actually use it.”

Old Fashioned Typewriter and Notepad Poem

nDash: Expert Content Creators to Keep the Productivity Flowing

It’s a big part
Of the marketing pie
Prepare content for
Your viewers’ eyes

To keep news fresh
You need to provide
Thoughtful articles
And helpful guides

Day in day out
On topics new
You must invent
Ways to construe

Your core message
And product offering
What you deliver
What you bring

Need an expert
To lend a hand?
How about two?
To meet the demand

Pick a topic
For your post
Hire an author
To write as a ghost

Or tell them your business
and they’ll propose
Articles and fees
To make your content grow

nDash gives you
All this and more
It’s a content creation
Marketplace store

nDash is a content creation platform that lets you recruit professional writers to prepare articles for you. You can also receive pitches from talented authors based upon your business needs. It’s a highly transparent system that puts an emphasis on quality, attracting and rewarding its most effective content providers.

Sexy Woman AI Software Tester Poem

Usetrace: A Real Artificial Software Tester

You built a web app
And hope it works
Don’t want it to break
Or have little quirks

So you hire testers
A whole team
Keep clients happy
Make them beam

But automation script
Has so little range
It breaks every time
You make a change

If only you
Could train a bot
To make adjustments
From rules its taught

Usetrace gives
The tools you need
To set tests up once
And watch them succeed

And in the cloud
It makes users happy
And testers proud

Usetrace is an artificial software tester for your web app. Cloud computers complete the tasks with real browsers ensuring everything’s working nicely together. It adapts to content and style changes so you don’t need to update your test scripts with each code change.

Scandinavian Man with Urban Watch Poem

Anthony North: Pardon Me, Do You Have the Time?

It’s a pick up line
From days of yore
Do you got the time?
Then try to talk some more

This age old phrase
Started many dates
Back in the days
We could pretend we’re late

But it’s of no use now
Who wears a watch?
And if you have no phone
Your pursuit is botched

But looking at
Your phone all day
Is like teens and tweens
Stuck in their displays

Anthony North
Is standing strong
With Nordic wristwear
They won’t steer you wrong

When out on the town
You’ll be feeling fine
When a beauty asks you
To please check the time

Anthony North offers select Scandinavian watches for your urban minimalist style.