Colored Cube Puzzle

Hypothizer: Survey Your Users with Image Analysis

You built a website
And you want to know
More about your users
To help you grow

You could send them surveys
And questionnaires
It will take just five minutes
To see what they share

Although often helpful
And lets you learn
It take time from them
To voice thoughts & concerns

There must be
A better way
To discover what
They have to say

A picture has
A lot of info
About what they like
So you can refine workflows

Hypothizer is
Its image processor
Has an eagle eye

Send in your pics
For it to analyze
Objects, text
Earth, sea, and skies

It takes only seconds
To find out more
Its the silent survey
You’ve been waiting for

Hypothizer is an API accessible Convolutional Neural Network that detects and segments features, text, and scenes in photos.

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