Neon Ferris Wheel Slow Exposure Poem

Whaller: Peace, Quiet, and Unlimited Free Private Social Networks

Noise and clutter
Distractions galore
You need to keep focus
Amid the constant uproar

You’re online and connected
To everything and everyone
With such divided attention
It’s hard to get anything done

Whaller comes to the rescue
With private social networks
Free and unlimited
With many extra perks

Chat by text or by video
Or share file uploads
And if you go premium
You get custom intranet mode

Be it a club
Group or company too
Whaller unites
All that you do

Whaller offers free unlimited private social networks for any group or organization. The free package includes chat, video conferencing, file sharing, among other niceties. Its premium packages include calendars, task manager, and even a built in CMS for your all purpose intranet system. Its manifesto is to protect your attention to maximize focus and productivity.

Luxury Dart Board Poem

Kando: Stay on Target with Improved Task Management

Some use pencils
Or paper and pen
To track their tasks
And manage them

Postit notes
Are common too
When you have lengthy lists
Of things to do

It helps to see
All your to-dos
In one central place
For all to view

Keep them online
Is a better way
To stay on track
Throughout the day

Kando is
An online tool
For task management
It’s like rocket fuel

Make cards to guide
You through your chores
Keeps you organized
And completing more

Kando is an online task management system for individuals and teams. Create and move cards from proposal to completion with its easy to use visual interface.

Man with Lucious Grapes Poem

xPollinators: Digital Platform for Strategic Community Regeneration

Noble, valiant
Of truest heart
People help others
To do their part

They support the growth
Of local communities
And join with others
To help them succeed

Some fight crime
Teach justice and truth
Others mentor
At risk youth

At CrossPollinators
You’ll find a single place
To share ideas
And solve the problems we face

And leaders- all
Can make a difference
Both big and small

It’s take a group effort
And a bigger dream
So come together
And join the greater team

CrossPollinators is an open-source digital platform where changemakers can share their knowledge of community organizations and projects to help regenerate the world.

Finance iPad Application with Coffee Poem

Bookmemate: Your Go-to Mobile Booking & Financial System

The point of sale
Is what businesses yearn
Send a quote for work
And watch profits earn

Schedule appointments
Keep record books
Create accounting statements
Gauge financial outlook

Access anywhere
From any device
Close the deal
Just name your price

Gives you all this and more
It is mobile booking
For on-the-go stores

Bookmemate is a booking & financial system for small businesses. Book and schedule appointments, send quotes, see client history, view profit & loss statements, all from its accessible anywhere interface.