Neon Ferris Wheel Slow Exposure

Whaller: Peace, Quiet, and Unlimited Free Private Social Networks

Noise and clutter
Distractions galore
You need to keep focus
Amid the constant uproar

You’re online and connected
To everything and everyone
With such divided attention
It’s hard to get anything done

Whaller comes to the rescue
With private social networks
Free and unlimited
With many extra perks

Chat by text or by video
Or share file uploads
And if you go premium
You get custom intranet mode

Be it a club
Group or company too
Whaller unites
All that you do

Whaller offers free unlimited private social networks for any group or organization. The free package includes chat, video conferencing, file sharing, among other niceties. Its premium packages include calendars, task manager, and even a built in CMS for your all purpose intranet system. Its manifesto is to protect your attention to maximize focus and productivity.

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