Man in Red Long Sleeves Swinging Golf Club Poem

GolfingExchange: The Only Golf Club Marketplace You Need

When golfing is
Your passion sport
If time avails
You’re out on the course

It’s the perfect break
To get away
Soak in some sun
And enjoy the day

Lessons help
Teach perfect form
And with lots of practice
You’ll take the course by storm

Darn these clubs
They don’t work right
My score is shot
My shots all slice

A new driver
And putter too
That will fix it
Will get gear anew

What you need
Is GolfingExchange
It’s the golf club marketplace
To improve your game

GolfingExchange is a marketplace dedicated to the buying and selling of golf clubs. It’s free to list your clubs and there are ZERO seller fees. It enforces only sellers with Verified PayPal accounts. Buyers can communicate with sellers before picking up their new prized clubs.

Happy People Jumping on Beach at Sunset Poem

Helprace: Unified Tools for Superior Customer Service

Happy customers
Is what it takes
To make business run
It’s your make or break

Ticket systems
And emails
Feedback loops
is what support entails

And open forums
Get questions answered
By collective wisdom

Helprace unites
The many tools
To give best-of-class service
So your customers rule

Helprace provides customer service and helpdesk software so you can deliver a better customer experience. It integrates tickets, email management, customer community, feedback, docs and knowledge base systems.

Knight in Full Armor with Sword & Shield Poem

KnightSpear: All the King’s Army of Work Management Tools

For teams to work
They need to stay
On the same page
Each and every day

Projects change
And need updates
Schedules, files
It’s hard to keep straight

Chat tools, favorites
Filtered tasks
Kanban Scrum Boards
Help keep track

The Knowledge Base
Will let you store
Universal notes

KnightSpear serves
A well fermented drink
Its armory and arsenal
Will keep your team in sync

KnightSpear is a full-featured work management system designed for IT teams allowing you to manage projects, track issues and defects, and chat with teammates. It’s social and gamified to get your team motivated to get things done.