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Cheekd: Have the Courage of a Lion on the Dating Scene

Everywhere we go
Each and every day
We walk right by strangers
Just a Hello away

Is it our fears
Or lack of heart
That keeps us living
Worlds apart

Connection’s what
We all long for
It should not be so hard
To find amour

In years past
When we did observe
An intriguing prospect
We’d work up the nerve

A wingman helps
If they can be found
But what can one do
When they’re not around

Cheekd is your mate
As you’re out to mingle
It’ll introduce you
To those close and single

Find your match
In modern style
With real time intros
Don’t forget to smile

Cheekd is a mobile app for those ready to brave the new world of bluetooth social connection. No longer solely the domain of printers and computer accessories, you can be notified when potential dates are just a few feet away. Harkening back to a time when people would say hi to those they might be interested in, Cheekd makes that introduction for you. It’s your mobile wingman on the go letting you know when someone is near you with a matching profile. All’s that’s left to do is walk over and meet them.

Founded by long time startup founder Lori Cheek she’s survived Shark Tank and a major pivot to build her bluetooth powered social network. Through a series of connections she landed a healthy investment in her passion to bring in person dating introductions back. Call her a romantic, or a southern girl turned New York, Lori aims to use technology to break down the social barriers it created.

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