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My Own Tale: Make Your Child the Star in a Fairy Tale

From an early age
when minds dream free
books guide imagination
The pages tell
of princesses and heroes
and victorious elation

In their mind
they each behold
a picture of themselves
Fighting goblins and winning hearts
meeting dwarfs, gnomes
and elves

My Own Tale
Gives you a custom classic
Where the heroes and heroines will take
Their hair & eyes
Gender & name
Of the child for whom the book you make

And stain resistant
Like children’s gifts should be
And invaluable
It makes the perfect memory

My Own Tale offers customizable fairy tales with your child as the star character. You enter their name then select a wide array of personalizations including hair color & style, eye color & shape, glasses, freckles, shirts, pants, skirts and shoes. The beautifully illustrated pages tell classic fairy tales instilled with modern day values. Designed in minutes and available in multiple languages it makes an unforgettable gift for your loved one.

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