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Sad Lost Dog In the Cold Snow

iota: The Best Way to Keep Your Pet Safe and Secure

The night has come
The rain falls down
The children cry
In their sorrows drown

The lights are on
But you feel alone
For Fido left
And did not come home

How could this happen
It can not be
He was right with us
When he got free

Calls go out
But are not returned
No consolation
Hard lessons learned

In this day and age
Of instant mapping
It’s quite simple to
Have real time tracking

iota tracks
By radio
Exactly where
Your pet did go

If only you
Had planned ahead
Fido would be
Safe in his bed

You try to sleep
But the truth takes hold
Your beloved pet
Is out in the cold

iota is the world’s smallest GPS tracker. Weighing in at 11grams it’s the perfect size to attach to your pet’s collar. The a standalone system comes with a durable and waterproof tracking device, a home base tower that has both wifi and radio signals, and a mobile app to configure and track your pet. The signal radius is typically from .5 to 1 mile (around 12 city blocks), with the ability to be much larger depending on the conditions. iota’s tracking device will connect to any home base signal so when others in your community have it you will all share each others’ signals. In the San Francisco Bay area there’s already around 50% coverage. Once set up you can check the map in the mobile app and see exactly where your pet is.

The tracking device let’s you set up a safe virtual fence so you can be alerted when your pet has gone beyond its allowed range. It comes with an activity monitor report, which is essentially a Fitbit for your dog showing you how active it was each day. You can also be notified of any motion at all so you know when your pet is on the move. The real time alerts give you peace of mind knowing your pet is safe.

People primarily use iota to track their pets, but customers have found a broad range of applications for it including everything from bicycles to parachutes. The motion detector alerts are particular helpful for bikes so you know if it moves when its not supposed to. Parachutists use it on their main chute in the event they need to cut away and use their backup. It makes finding their lost chute much easier. The second most utilized application is for what families hold the most dear- their children.

Millions of pets go missing every year. iota is one of the few viable products that can help recover them. From inspiration to Kickstarter campaign, angel investors and VCs each and all want to give you the ability to never lose that which is most precious to you.

Relay Runner at Starting Line

Kadaza: The Most Reliable Start Page for the Rest of Us

It’s the beginning
Of your daily journey
As you browse the internet
You have your favorite
Websites you visit
Your habits are well set

First comes email
Then the news
And social media
The path we follow
Is oft the same
Through the various genres

It will save you time
To bookmark them
So you don’t have to type them in
Then you can easily
And quickly find them
When your browsing does begin

Kadaza is
The most reliable
Home page you can find
Every category
And popular site
Is conveniently streamlined

Since 2008 Kadaza has been home to many patrons of the world wide web. Its comprehensive directory of popular websites across every category gives you quick access to the sites you want to visit. From selecting a custom background to choosing the sites that mean most to you, it makes the perfect browser default home page. Every time you log into the internet Kadaza is there to start your sessions.

Originally featured on Vyteo in 2011 Kadaza demonstrates a longevity increasingly uncommon among startups. Here’s to another ten more years of being the most reliable and comprehensive start page on the internet.

Clear Water From Crow's Nest Boat Below

HubSpot: The Most Powerful Free CRM so Easy to Use, You Don’t Have To

I needed a CRM
To keep track
Of my correspondence
With business contacts

A spreadsheet
Can only go so far
It keeps basic info
Of who they are

But conversations
And status updates
Are hard to manage
And to keep straight

There are many options
That are free
They give you much of what
A CRM should be

But most of the time
You must cut and paste
Every detailed message
It’s such a waste

In other cases
“Free” is nothing but
Once installed
You must pay up

HubSpot is more
Than a CRM
It offers sales and marketing tools
With a special gem

Its full featured suite
Has few rivals
But their CRM
Is free for all

I looked for the catch
The secret flaw
But there were no limitations
No hidden gotchas

Everything worked
Just as it should
I tried to find something broken
But it was just too good

This never happens
It’s rightly absurd
To find a beautiful masterpiece
To keep contact records

I finally gave up
And in defeat I conceded
My flaw count was left wanting
It did everything I needed

HubSpot is the unequivocal leader of free CRMs. You may find them listed innocuously amongst a bevy or mere mortal free CRMs. This is akin to a pro baseball player hanging out in a lineup of little leaguers. There’s no comparison whatsoever. The difference is that HubSpot is not only a superior CRM, but also a set of integrated sales and marketing pipeline tools. Its best-in-class sales and marketing growth stacks command a comfortable fee, and so they offer their CRM for free.

Their CRM, which you can’t pay for by the way, can be used standalone, with unlimited users, for one million records. On top of that it comes with a meaningful offering of features from both their sales and marketing stacks. To be sure their business model is to lure you in with the most glorious CRM you’ve ever encountered and make you drool over their Sales and Marketing software. I regret to report that it’s working, as I find myself wanting to use more of their full suite of tools.

Set up is simple. Register for an account, add the extension to integrate Gmail or Outlook, and then add a tracking code to your website. The extension is one of their secret sauces that makes everything so easy. You can send and receive emails just as you normally might and it automagically adds new contacts and correspondence history for you. Simultaneously it adds companies and associates the contacts with them. HubSpot pulls from its large footprint to populate various company information fields for you. By simply sending emails as you normally would HubSpot updates and manages your CRM for you. And that tracking code on your website? It handles multiple functions, one of which is keeping a running list of prospects of company’s that dropped by your site. The same tracking exists for those you’re in contact with via email.

HubSpot’s marketing package includes everything from full website building, to content creation tools, marketing automation, lead management, email marketing, social media suite, A/B Testing, optimization, custom workflows, and on and on. You can see the full set of services here. The Sales stack includes Gmail and Outlook integration, personalized email sequences, email tracking with real-time open notifications just to name a few. The complete list can be found here. All these tools combine to not only give you a crystal clear crow’s nest view of your marketing and sales efforts, but also instill best practices along the way. All I was looking for was a glorified spreadsheet to track a few conversations, and now I want an enterprise level sales and marketing suite.

The CRM space is like a bunch of guppy fish arguing over whose flippers are bigger. Meanwhile the HubSpot whale saunters over and gobbles them up. I tried multiple well built, well spoken of CRMs, but they have nothing on HubSpot. Don’t let the noise of the standalone CRMs distract you. And don’t think that because HubSpot offers so much that its CRM is somehow too bulky or integrated to fit your needs. Nobody understands the entire sales and marketing cycle better than HubSpot, and so they were able to design a CRM that fits your business needs perfectly. And it’s free for everyone.