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Kadaza: The Most Reliable Start Page for the Rest of Us

It’s the beginning
Of your daily journey
As you browse the internet
You have your favorite
Websites you visit
Your habits are well set

First comes email
Then the news
And social media
The path we follow
Is oft the same
Through the various genres

It will save you time
To bookmark them
So you don’t have to type them in
Then you can easily
And quickly find them
When your browsing does begin

Kadaza is
The most reliable
Home page you can find
Every category
And popular site
Is conveniently streamlined

Since 2008 Kadaza has been home to many patrons of the world wide web. Its comprehensive directory of popular websites across every category gives you quick access to the sites you want to visit. From selecting a custom background to choosing the sites that mean most to you, it makes the perfect browser default home page. Every time you log into the internet Kadaza is there to start your sessions.

Originally featured on Vyteo in 2011 Kadaza demonstrates a longevity increasingly uncommon among startups. Here’s to another ten more years of being the most reliable and comprehensive start page on the internet.

  • Thapa Bhakta

    This website is really helpful and knowledgeable for me.

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