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Red Screwdrivers and Screws

Ambytion: The Most Beautiful Pictures and Stories for DIY Projects

A heartfelt dream
An itching drive
The hobbyist
In their garage does thrive

To little fanfare
And no applause
Their craftsmanship
Leaves us in awe

Or model cars
Leather cases
Home built drawers

These are made
By the silent few
Who love to build
Something new

But where to share
Their inspirations
The site they need
Is Ambytion

Custom projects
Unique and refined
Pictures and stories
Tell of its design

For the weekend creative
Or full time craftsman
Ambytion shows
Projects built by hand

Ambytion is a platform for sharing and discovering DIY and other crafts projects. It includes a project management system with a pin board for ideas, a task list to help stay focused, and a mini blog to describe your progress to the community. Its beauty is in the attractively designed project presentation pages that give craftsmen of all types and genres a compelling visual way to tell the story behind their projects. Projects may be how-to guides, or they may just show off the end result of what was made. Project pages tell a fuller story in a more enticing presentation than what can be shared on Pinterest or Facebook. Top projects earn a coveted position on their Exceptional Projects page. Some of the current top projects are a home built canoe and a 12,000 volt surfboard (a surfboard with slick voltage marks burned into its wood design.)

The roots of Ambytion are a DIY project in and of itself. It was built in part from a van converted to a workspace with internet via 4G mobile connection. The van made its way around Europe including Germany, renowned for its engineering, and Finland, acclaimed for its lean and clean designs. Ambytion gives builders and makers a place worthy of their creations to fluidly display and tell the stories behind their projects. We’re still pulling for a project page to be made for the van.

Beautiful Alluring Athletic Blond Woman

Lazy Jar: The Most Motivating Way of Using Fitbit to Lose Weight

You bought a Fitbit
To keep the pounds at bay
And track your steps
Each and every day

Be it biking
And jogging too
It knows everything
That you did do

But are you meeting
Your fitness goals
And reaping rewards
It did extol

Or maybe it’s just
A new fitness gag
A high priced promise
While your workouts lag

A change in behavior
Is what you need
To get back in shape
And at last succeed

Lazy Jar
Is a new app
That gives you the chance
To add a little zap

Commit yourself
To weekly goals
And if you miss
You pay a toll

The goal and fine
Are set by you
So choose wisely
Or pay your dues

The payment goes
To charity
It’s some consolation
For failed activity

Lazy Jar
Will help change your state
By using Fitbit
To lose weight

Lazy Jar harnesses the power of negative reinforcement to reach your fitness goals. You commit to six months to meet your activity goals as tracked by Fitbit, and Lazy Jar monitors your progress each week. If you make your weekly goal, great. If you miss then you pay a penalty, 80% of which goes to charity. Users set their goals and penalties so they can make it as easy or as hard as they like. It requires a $30 deposit which is refunded at the ended of the six month period. You can’t quit or cancel under any circumstances or you lose your deposit. Quitting is not how behavior changes.

Founded by visionary software engineers Justin Anyanwu and Marlon Ruiz, they both had trouble sticking with their own fitness goals. Justin was enrolled in kickboxing classes and would lose motivation after a few days. Thus the idea for building a third party Fitbit app to help him stay committed was born. One commenter on Lazy Jar’s Product Hunt page hailed it as the “get fit or stay fat yet charitable app.” When asked about the lack of positive reinforcement Anyanwu says “Fitness is its own reward and Lazy Jar encourages people to make it a natural part of their lifestyle.” As the app’s premier user he notes he’s been able to lower his average heart rate and now feels the urge to be more active. Each and every day Lazy Jar helps him focus on meeting his weekly goals. This innovative fitness motivation app is now available on both iOS and Android.

Man in Suit Checking Phone Inverted Colors

FriendsUp: Fast and Easy Phone and Social Media Exchange

You’re at a party
And meet someone
They seem so interesting
Like so much fun

Their friends come over
And soon announce
See ya later
We’re gonna bounce

Off they go
You missed your chance
To chat again
Or catch a second glance

If only you
Didn’t hesitate
You’d be connected
Before it’s too late

FriendUp is
What you need
To exchange contact info
With efficiency

Just a simple scan
Will quickly trade
Profiles and numbers
Before the moment fades

Get FriendsUp now
So you’re ready when
You meet someone you’d like
To see again

FriendsUp lets you connect with people quickly by one person scanning the other’s FriendsUp code. Select your number and/or the social profiles you’d like to trade, scan their code, and you’re now connected. Gone are the days of one person typing in their number and then sending them a text so they have it. Or standing there forever trying to find their Facebook page. A simple scan makes it easy. It currently support phone numbers, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. No word on what it means if they just give you their Instagram. Might not be getting a date out of that one. Hey, FriendsUp just gives you the tools. You’ve gotta make the moves on your own.

Large Calendar With People on It

CrossCap: The Authority in Marketing Software for Dynamic Teams

Longevity and exposure
That’s what you need
For your marketing efforts
To make them succeed

Campaigns are run
By separate teams
Each group set apart
From the next it seems

Keeping everyone
On the same page
So goals are met
And progress gauged

Is CrossCap
The leader in
Marketing software
For the teams within

Add your campaign
And initiatives
Define workflows
Make it all cohesive

Customized by
Their software team
CrossCap’s management software
Keeps large groups lean

CrossCap provides marketing management software for large marketing teams to coordinate their many campaigns and initiatives. Its customized solution is embraced by leading retailers including Walmart, Target, and Gap. Beyond providing the best-in-class marketing calendaring solution they also coordinate the practical needs of procuring signage for ongoing in-store promotions. Ever seen a 30% sale sign at the store? Chances are CrossCap helped ensure it was bought, posted, and taken down on the planned schedule. CrossCap handles promotion management from planning, to allocation, change tracking, and project management across disparate teams. Their all encompassing solution saves companies time and money, while giving confidence and insight into every aspect of a marketing team’s initiatives.