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Ambytion: The Most Beautiful Pictures and Stories for DIY Projects

A heartfelt dream
An itching drive
The hobbyist
In their garage does thrive

To little fanfare
And no applause
Their craftsmanship
Leaves us in awe

Or model cars
Leather cases
Home built drawers

These are made
By the silent few
Who love to build
Something new

But where to share
Their inspirations
The site they need
Is Ambytion

Custom projects
Unique and refined
Pictures and stories
Tell of its design

For the weekend creative
Or full time craftsman
Ambytion shows
Projects built by hand

Ambytion is a platform for sharing and discovering DIY and other crafts projects. It includes a project management system with a pin board for ideas, a task list to help stay focused, and a mini blog to describe your progress to the community. Its beauty is in the attractively designed project presentation pages that give craftsmen of all types and genres a compelling visual way to tell the story behind their projects. Projects may be how-to guides, or they may just show off the end result of what was made. Project pages tell a fuller story in a more enticing presentation than what can be shared on Pinterest or Facebook. Top projects earn a coveted position on their Exceptional Projects page. Some of the current top projects are a home built canoe and a 12,000 volt surfboard (a surfboard with slick voltage marks burned into its wood design.)

The roots of Ambytion are a DIY project in and of itself. It was built in part from a van converted to a workspace with internet via 4G mobile connection. The van made its way around Europe including Germany, renowned for its engineering, and Finland, acclaimed for its lean and clean designs. Ambytion gives builders and makers a place worthy of their creations to fluidly display and tell the stories behind their projects. We’re still pulling for a project page to be made for the van.

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