Large Calendar With People on It

CrossCap: The Authority in Marketing Software for Dynamic Teams

Longevity and exposure
That’s what you need
For your marketing efforts
To make them succeed

Campaigns are run
By separate teams
Each group set apart
From the next it seems

Keeping everyone
On the same page
So goals are met
And progress gauged

Is CrossCap
The leader in
Marketing software
For the teams within

Add your campaign
And initiatives
Define workflows
Make it all cohesive

Customized by
Their software team
CrossCap’s management software
Keeps large groups lean

CrossCap provides marketing management software for large marketing teams to coordinate their many campaigns and initiatives. Its customized solution is embraced by leading retailers including Walmart, Target, and Gap. Beyond providing the best-in-class marketing calendaring solution they also coordinate the practical needs of procuring signage for ongoing in-store promotions. Ever seen a 30% sale sign at the store? Chances are CrossCap helped ensure it was bought, posted, and taken down on the planned schedule. CrossCap handles promotion management from planning, to allocation, change tracking, and project management across disparate teams. Their all encompassing solution saves companies time and money, while giving confidence and insight into every aspect of a marketing team’s initiatives.

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