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FriendsUp: Fast and Easy Phone and Social Media Exchange

You’re at a party
And meet someone
They seem so interesting
Like so much fun

Their friends come over
And soon announce
See ya later
We’re gonna bounce

Off they go
You missed your chance
To chat again
Or catch a second glance

If only you
Didn’t hesitate
You’d be connected
Before it’s too late

FriendUp is
What you need
To exchange contact info
With efficiency

Just a simple scan
Will quickly trade
Profiles and numbers
Before the moment fades

Get FriendsUp now
So you’re ready when
You meet someone you’d like
To see again

FriendsUp lets you connect with people quickly by one person scanning the other’s FriendsUp code. Select your number and/or the social profiles you’d like to trade, scan their code, and you’re now connected. Gone are the days of one person typing in their number and then sending them a text so they have it. Or standing there forever trying to find their Facebook page. A simple scan makes it easy. It currently support phone numbers, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. No word on what it means if they just give you their Instagram. Might not be getting a date out of that one. Hey, FriendsUp just gives you the tools. You’ve gotta make the moves on your own.

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