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Lazy Jar: The Most Motivating Way of Using Fitbit to Lose Weight

You bought a Fitbit
To keep the pounds at bay
And track your steps
Each and every day

Be it biking
And jogging too
It knows everything
That you did do

But are you meeting
Your fitness goals
And reaping rewards
It did extol

Or maybe it’s just
A new fitness gag
A high priced promise
While your workouts lag

A change in behavior
Is what you need
To get back in shape
And at last succeed

Lazy Jar
Is a new app
That gives you the chance
To add a little zap

Commit yourself
To weekly goals
And if you miss
You pay a toll

The goal and fine
Are set by you
So choose wisely
Or pay your dues

The payment goes
To charity
It’s some consolation
For failed activity

Lazy Jar
Will help change your state
By using Fitbit
To lose weight

Lazy Jar harnesses the power of negative reinforcement to reach your fitness goals. You commit to six months to meet your activity goals as tracked by Fitbit, and Lazy Jar monitors your progress each week. If you make your weekly goal, great. If you miss then you pay a penalty, 80% of which goes to charity. Users set their goals and penalties so they can make it as easy or as hard as they like. It requires a $30 deposit which is refunded at the ended of the six month period. You can’t quit or cancel under any circumstances or you lose your deposit. Quitting is not how behavior changes.

Founded by visionary software engineers Justin Anyanwu and Marlon Ruiz, they both had trouble sticking with their own fitness goals. Justin was enrolled in kickboxing classes and would lose motivation after a few days. Thus the idea for building a third party Fitbit app to help him stay committed was born. One commenter on Lazy Jar’s Product Hunt page hailed it as the “get fit or stay fat yet charitable app.” When asked about the lack of positive reinforcement Anyanwu says “Fitness is its own reward and Lazy Jar encourages people to make it a natural part of their lifestyle.” As the app’s premier user he notes he’s been able to lower his average heart rate and now feels the urge to be more active. Each and every day Lazy Jar helps him focus on meeting his weekly goals. This innovative fitness motivation app is now available on both iOS and Android.

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