Yellow Shoe Textured Laces Poem

FUSED footwear: The Future of Footwear Is Here. 3D Printed Custom Designed Shoes.

Style, fashion
Vogue and sleek
Attention, passion
Crazy chic

Statement, stance
Footwear FUSED
Bold entrance
More than shoes

Custom fit
Social hit
Print 3D

Earth citizen

Social clout
Uber swank
Feet stand out
To the bank

In the know
The new hello

Brazen stride
A posh meow
Rules defied
Get them now

Founded by Philippe Holthuizen FUSED footwear offers made-to-order 3D Printed custom shoes. Contrary to conventional shoes which are comprised of multiple pieces glued and stitched together, FUSED shoes are made all in one piece. They come with a structured midsole providing comfortable cushioning- only the laces are added separately. The fashionable lifestyle sneakers are low or high cut and can be customized in numerous ways. They are very light and fully recyclable by returning them to FUSED.

Since May of this year Philippe has been applying his lengthy design credentials and creative genius to making an environmentally friendly fully recyclable stylish shoe. True to every inventor’s path he tried numerous versions until he found just the right mix of structure, design, and materials. 3D printed entirely from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) they are constructed over a period of hours using increasingly accessible 3D print technology. His vision is to build a recognizable brand with just his design prowess and basic tools. Beyond selling his must-have footwear product line, he’s available to talk to others to share his experience making them. He also offers the same TPE material he uses through his website to help get people started with their own designs.

Philippe’s design studies began in the Netherlands at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He continued on to get his masters in transportation design in Spain at Elisava. His career led him away from automobile design and into fashion, spending a period of time at United Nude where he worked on a shoe worn by Lady Gaga. Shoes continued to be at the forefront of Philippe’s career as he later became a product manager for a company that helps doctors prescribe and order custom insoles for their patients. Armed with his extensive skill at Rhino, a CAD design program, and a penchant for being on the bleeding edge of design both in style and materials, FUSED footwear made its entrance to the fashion world.

Times Square Busy Street Poem

NativX: Personality Based Suggestions for Things to Do in a City

You’ve planned a trip
With some long-time friends
There are many ways
To find local trends

Online reviews
Are a good place to start
Generic guides
To help adventures chart

But one size fits all
Only goes so far
We each have our thoughts
Of what means five stars

Is your local guide
It makes personal interests
And plans collide

Just a few suggestions
Is all it gives
Paradox of choice
Is no way to live

Data science
And complex AI
Drive its helpful insights
To gratify

With their Harvard brains
And Air Force brass
Will make your trips kick ass

A few years ago some friends went on an epic trip to one of their hometowns to the remote Pacific Island of Guam. Between cliff diving, hiking to secret spots, and eating at the favorite places only a local would know, they had a the time of their lives. The friend from Guam who inspired the trip knew his buddies well. Since he understood their personalities he was able to take them to exactly the spots they would love, like only a friend can do.

Inspired by their journey, a few of them did what any enterprising recent and pending graduates would do- built an app so everyone can have as epic of a trip as them. They brought on their friend Austin’s business analytics experience, Sean’s Harvard brains and captain of the lacrosse team leadership, and his brother Brenden’s military discipline and marketing training and launched NativX. NativX harnesses the power of IBM’s Watson and complex data science to quickly determine what makes a five star experience for each individual user. Rather than returning a deluge of location and venue results like travel guides and Yelp might do, it makes select personal recommendations based upon your social media accounts. Currently NativX is live in eight major cities including Austin, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Whether you’re heading to a new town, or just want to find something new to do in your own, NativX makes curated dynamic suggestions to match your personal tastes.

Neon Dollar Sign Transition to Swift Symbol Poem

SwiftDemand: It’s Too Late to Get In on Bitcoin, Don’t Miss SwiftDemand

Money comes
And money goes
As the world revolves around
It brings many highs
And many lows
With the winners nobly crowned

Backed by all
Is honored by the stores
Prices rise
And prices fall
Making dollars worth much more

What happens when
A new medium
Is brought to society
If businesses
Make it welcome
It’s all the same to you and me

Bitcoin came
And a select few
Mined it to no end
Now it’s too late
For me or you
To catch that worthy trend

The count has begun
With SwiftDemand
Giving profit to everyone
Just sign up
And watch it expand
With each cycle of the sun

Every day
You get 100 Swifts
To use just as you please
Send to a friend
Or save with thrift
They transfer with much ease

Will they gain in value
Or stay as they are
That remains for us to see
Turn this penny stock
To fine caviar
They’re available and they’re free

Founded by emerging tech visionary Chris Gregorio SwiftDemand is an experiment with basic income. The concept is simple- sign up for SwiftDemand and claim 100 swifts every day, for free. Swifts can be readily transferred to any other SwiftDemand user in exchange for goods and services.

SwiftDemand is an attempt at solving many societal and crypto currency problems. From heartfelt ideas about tax inequality to the tangible realities that other alternative currencies are unsustainable, SwiftDemand is a new and fresh attempt at making the world a better place. The idea of basic income for all has the potential to level the playing field across historically divisive lines. And for those who aren’t aware, the blockchain technology that backs Bitcoin requires an ever increasing amount of computing power to verify its transactions. Some estimates predict by 2020 it will be consuming as much energy as all of Denmark. SwiftDemand is an alternative currency provider that insists on maintaining an eco-friendly carbon footprint.

Chris found success early in life. From his tween years through college he built a monolithic online video game empire producing over 50 games that received over 100 million views. He’s been sponsored by the most popular outlets developing numerous game series that people just keep coming back for. Now fresh out of school and armed with a formal computer science degree he’s turning his sights to the business world. SwiftDemand employs some of the same traits that caused his games to succeed. It’s very addictive to log in and claim your daily swifts.

SwiftDemand gained early attention in East Asian markets including Japan and the Philippines. A popular news site caught on and published a full feature on how to register and start accumulating swifts. It’s not clear whether it was chance, Chris’s influence in the online gaming industry, or that the Swift currency symbol resembles the Japanese flag, but they are already getting a leg-up on this new asset.

Beyond being an innovative alternative currency that will foster an environment of economic equality, SwiftDemand makes a clever sales tool. One bar in Japan already offers a beer for 500 swifts. While swifts are still establishing their value they can be used as a means to get customers in the door. People will earn roughly a beer’s worth of swifts a week, and head down to the bar spending an evening’s amount of cash. SwiftDemand’s API is readily accessible to both brick & mortar and online businesses to be accepted for their services. If swifts gain in value over time, then the business wins. If the business gains new customers from it, then they win anyway. Soon there will be a SwiftDemand store for you to make purchases online. Sign up for your free swifts today. I’d be thrilled if you use my link so I get the extra 500 swift referral bonus.

Saxophone Player in a Band Poem

Kiingo: The Songwriter Toolkit That Leaves Nothing to Be Desired

Guitar face
Fans loyal

Piano tunes
Drum solos
Torn up clothes

Chords and notes
Feelings emote

And the verse
Rhythmic bass
Well rehearsed

Changing keys
Breaking strings
Show bookings

Flyers, fan page
Late night shows
Tattoos, makeup
Highs and lows

Front men drama
Booze gallore

Song composing
Try online tools
At Kiingo

Kiingo is a new suite of essential online tools for the working musician. It includes everything you need to write your next hit song. From a broad catalog of chords and scales, to ear training tools, transcription, lyric writing resources, and melody and rhythm sequencers, Kiingo has what you need as a composing musician. For lyricists they include an expansive thesaurus with a deep word tree, a rhyming dictionary and well document editors to enter your lyrics. Their database contains over 55,000 chords and 18,000 scales and includes fingering positions for multiple instruments such as guitar or ukulele. Kiingo is your digital notebook for all your musical ideas and inspiration.

Founded by Ross Hartman who studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music and became a self taught software programmer, he brings his passions together in Kiingo. Some packages include songwriters lessons, and the vision of Kiingo is to further develop it into an instructional portal for aspiring musicians. Try out their impressive suite of songwriting tools today.

Woman in Front of Chalkboard Poem

Goalfish: Take Command With the Best Online Career Counselor

Your career is moving
But you feel the urge
For something more
Desires emerge

You’ve got brains
And talent too
But your life goals
Are overdue

Cog in the wheel
Or glass ceiling
A constant nagging
Restless feeling

Goalfish will mentor
With guidance true
For personal fulfillment
And career success too

An online career counselor
That will advise
The best path for you
It’s both virtual and wise

Enter your values
Skill sets and goals
It creates a personal map
And tracks achievements and roles

It’s your beacon and compass
To help you achieve
A career that you love
And the rewards you’ll receive

Goalfish is an online career counselor that gives you a personal map and compass to find career satisfaction. Enter your values and background and it provides suggestions about which direction to steer your path along with tangible steps to get there. It mentors you to find the career that balances your values including how much independence, flex time, income, work hours, and personal development time you need to feel successful. It will advise on whether negotiating improvements within your own role is the best path, or whether your current career is a not a good fit altogether. It tracks your career events over time to gauge progress and monitor your achievements.

Cofounded by Katrina Griffith she built a tool to help the 67% of the workforce who are disengaged with their jobs. She wanted to give people a visual tool that helps them better understand their own interests and what they need out of a career. Giving it a personal touch she made sure Goalfish is smart enough to gauge the relationship with one’s current manager before recommending renegotiation of one’s responsibilities. The tool is in fact personal to her. It’s the advisor she wish she had before departing the corporate world to first start a data science & analysis consulting firm, and now launch Goalfish. Katrina’s thrives best with complete independence and is not one to let early morning meetings and a corporate pace hold her back. Currently in Pre-release Goalfish is free for all to use before it transitions to a freemium model by the end of the year. A satisfying career just got simple, with Goalfish.

Glass Ball on Sphere Floor Poem

Magalix: What You Need to Stop Wasting Cloud Resources

You built an app
And the time has come
To run it in the cloud
Watch it gain momentum

It took diligence
And many late nights
To get it to work
Exactly right

Now you need servers
To handle the load
Balanced and ready
To serve up your code

To deliver the best
User experience
You optimize for maximum
Traffic deliverance

But throughout the day
Although their presence is vital
These fined tuned servers
Sit unused and idle

Magalix is the new
Way you should run
Your app in the cloud
It makes devops so fun

It’s elastic and smart
Gives you just what you need
During peak times it expands
And then it recedes

Load balanced and secure
Easy to use
Load the app container
It does the rest for you

So next time you launch
To get the best devop perks
Run with Magalix
It does all the hard work

Magalix is a soon to be released cloud platform that securely manages your system for you without wasting cloud resources. Its AI-powered system constantly optimizes your infrastructure to its current needs. It will learn your predicted load levels and ensure you have the right amount of load balanced virtual machines available throughout the day. You never pay for underutilized server time due to Magalix’s continuously updated system.

Founded by a team of engineers with many years of cloud expertise Magalix is redefining how IT infrastructure should be managed. Not only does it optimize your server utilization but it greatly reduces the time it takes to deploy. Just load your containerized application, such as with Docker, select a few settings, and within minutes your app will be securely launched online. Magalix is cloud agnostic and works with major providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Running your system securely has never been easier and finally there’s an easy way to ensure you’re only paying for what you use.