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FUSED footwear: The Future of Footwear Is Here. 3D Printed Custom Designed Shoes.

Style, fashion
Vogue and sleek
Attention, passion
Crazy chic

Statement, stance
Footwear FUSED
Bold entrance
More than shoes

Custom fit
Social hit
Print 3D

Earth citizen

Social clout
Uber swank
Feet stand out
To the bank

In the know
The new hello

Brazen stride
A posh meow
Rules defied
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Founded by Philippe Holthuizen FUSED footwear offers made-to-order 3D Printed custom shoes. Contrary to conventional shoes which are comprised of multiple pieces glued and stitched together, FUSED shoes are made all in one piece. They come with a structured midsole providing comfortable cushioning- only the laces are added separately. The fashionable lifestyle sneakers are low or high cut and can be customized in numerous ways. They are very light and fully recyclable by returning them to FUSED.

Since May of this year Philippe has been applying his lengthy design credentials and creative genius to making an environmentally friendly fully recyclable stylish shoe. True to every inventor’s path he tried numerous versions until he found just the right mix of structure, design, and materials. 3D printed entirely from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) they are constructed over a period of hours using increasingly accessible 3D print technology. His vision is to build a recognizable brand with just his design prowess and basic tools. Beyond selling his must-have footwear product line, he’s available to talk to others to share his experience making them. He also offers the same TPE material he uses through his website to help get people started with their own designs.

Philippe’s design studies began in the Netherlands at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He continued on to get his masters in transportation design in Spain at Elisava. His career led him away from automobile design and into fashion, spending a period of time at United Nude where he worked on a shoe worn by Lady Gaga. Shoes continued to be at the forefront of Philippe’s career as he later became a product manager for a company that helps doctors prescribe and order custom insoles for their patients. Armed with his extensive skill at Rhino, a CAD design program, and a penchant for being on the bleeding edge of design both in style and materials, FUSED footwear made its entrance to the fashion world.

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