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NativX: Personality Based Suggestions for Things to Do in a City

You’ve planned a trip
With some long-time friends
There are many ways
To find local trends

Online reviews
Are a good place to start
Generic guides
To help adventures chart

But one size fits all
Only goes so far
We each have our thoughts
Of what means five stars

Is your local guide
It makes personal interests
And plans collide

Just a few suggestions
Is all it gives
Paradox of choice
Is no way to live

Data science
And complex AI
Drive its helpful insights
To gratify

With their Harvard brains
And Air Force brass
Will make your trips kick ass

A few years ago some friends went on an epic trip to one of their hometowns to the remote Pacific Island of Guam. Between cliff diving, hiking to secret spots, and eating at the favorite places only a local would know, they had a the time of their lives. The friend from Guam who inspired the trip knew his buddies well. Since he understood their personalities he was able to take them to exactly the spots they would love, like only a friend can do.

Inspired by their journey, a few of them did what any enterprising recent and pending graduates would do- built an app so everyone can have as epic of a trip as them. They brought on their friend Austin’s business analytics experience, Sean’s Harvard brains and captain of the lacrosse team leadership, and his brother Brenden’s military discipline and marketing training and launched NativX. NativX harnesses the power of IBM’s Watson and complex data science to quickly determine what makes a five star experience for each individual user. Rather than returning a deluge of location and venue results like travel guides and Yelp might do, it makes select personal recommendations based upon your social media accounts. Currently NativX is live in eight major cities including Austin, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Whether you’re heading to a new town, or just want to find something new to do in your own, NativX makes curated dynamic suggestions to match your personal tastes.

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