Piggy Bank Cute

botkeeper: The AI Bookkeeper With Human Support

You have a business
And cash flows in and out
It’s hard to keep track
Where it all routes

You need someone
To keep track
For expenses and payrole
Both red and black

A full time accountant
Can be easily hired
But they cost you money
To be acquired

Bookkeeping is
Often mundane
It has many actions
That are quite the same

Perhaps a bot
Could quickly perform
The daily chores
That follow consistent norms

For the one-off cases
You could call support
For the finer details
They were quickly sort

botkeeper is
All this indeed
It’s an AI accountant
With support when you need

At a fraction the cost
Of a real life person
Hire them now
To get bookkeeping done

botkeeper is the new way to run bookkeeping. Instead of hiring a bookkeeper you can hire botkeeper to handle all the financial tasks of your company. It takes the repetitive tasks in accounting and automates them. You can interact with your bot the same as you would a real-life bookkeeper. It uses machine learning to adapt to your company’s specific needs and within a short period of time, your workflow will be automated. For occasions where you need to speak with a real life bookkeeper, a dedicated accountant will resolve issues and continue teaching the bot how to handle new types of requests.

Interacting with botkeeper is as simple as forwarding invoices to them, asking them to prepare payroll or logging receipts. They track everything, and perhaps with a bit less of an edge than their human counterparts. It’s available 24×7, as is customer support for times you need a human accountant. It handles everything from revenue, expenses, payroll, and benefits. It does all this while reducing your accounting expenses by 50-75%.

Moreover, botkeeper integrates with your existing accounting software systems such as Quickbooks or Xero so you don’t need to change your infrastructure. Further, if you don’t have accounting systems set up yet the botkeeper team will help you as part of their onboarding process. When you work with botkeeper you’re getting exactly what you would by hiring an expert bookkeeper.

botkeeper not only represents a new and innovative service, but also the new direction of the economy. Accountants and other bookkeepers are even choosing to use botkeeper to scale their business and automate the time consuming data entry. Like all progress, people will adapt and progress to a higher plane because of it. And we all benefit from less billing errors and more reliable service.

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