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Carrot: Video Calls That Monitor a Prospect’s Mood

You’re on a call
Giving your sales pitch
The line is quiet
Time for a topic switch

We all change gears
Based on body language
To be better listeners
And relationships manage

But on the computer
It’s so hard to gauge
How users feel
Or if they are engaged

We can check bounce rates
And the buttons they click
But we really don’t know
Beyond simple metrics

Carrot will read
With their video calls
How a user feels
If they’re bored or enthralled

A simple chart
Will show you your score
Did they check out
Or do they want to hear more

Reading people
Is how you succeed
Carrot’s video calls
Is the tool that you need

Carrot, found at https://carrot.live/, is a groundbreaking Emotional Intelligence platform that helps sales professionals close more deals. As the world’s first mental state analysis tool, it tells you in real-time how a person is feeling during a video call based on their facial expressions. Sales reps can then quickly adjust their conversations with the feedback Carrot reports. During a call, you’ll see a continuously updated percentage of how interested they are in your conversation. To help the entire team grow and improve, its reporting features give sales managers the ability to quickly review the engagement levels of their staff’s sales calls.

Built upon their GraphEQ platform, Carrot represents the next generation of computers simulating human behavior. Artificial Intelligence is getting machines to simulate learning and then change their behavior as new information arrives. Carrot takes this to the next level picking up on social cues and tying them to emotional states. Are their pupils dilated or constricted? Did they furrow their brow? Are they smiling, fake smiling, or making another expression. Carrot takes numerous data points during video calls and tells you the scientific analysis of their current disposition. Their emotional analysis platform distills this information down to a single metric of how positive or negative they’re feeling. You can see when your prospect checks out, or when they’re warming up to you.

The Carrot team is a unique band of intellectuals. Founders Christopher Shrader and Zachary Nevin have known each other since childhood. The rest joined in at various points and became part of their highly cohesive team. They’re like a tight-knit family living in multiple places together throughout the world including Hong Kong, the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and currently, reside in Ontario Canada. Their travels follow business objectives, Visa availability, and preference. They enjoy a lifestyle together united by a single goal- to develop artificial intelligence to the point where it can emulate human empathy. Their love is the science, research, and development of emotionally intelligent machines and Carrot is their first tangible application of their collective work.

As we delve deeper into the world of making computers simulate human behavior Carrot is on the frontlines. Cognitive states are nuanced and complex communications. Carrot’s state-of-the-art video conferencing sales tool gives sales professionals valuable insight, and is the earliest precursor to machines emulating empathy.

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