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Eristica: Take A Dare To Win Cryptocoins

We’ve all dared a friend
To take a plunge
Climb up tall buildings
Or any challenge

We egg them on
Taunt them as cowards
Tell them to go for it
Until their courage is stirred

So they’ll sneak into buildings
Or eat something strange
Run wild and naked
Or have a funny exchange

Wear something silly
Say something odd
To earn friends’ respect
Gain approving nods

Eristica’s network
Is where this takes place
Challenge someone
To fears they should face

The winners will earn
A new currency
Eristica tokens
Fund this economy

It’s silly it’s fun
To make video proof
Of your daring adventures
And social goofs

Eristica is a peer to peer mobile app that encourages people to dare each other to do silly, crazy, and fun things. Example dares range from eating something you might not normally, to running through a street tunnel, or jumping into ice cold water. Popular among teens, university students, and the young at heart, Eristica connects friends and people around the world as they egg each other on.

Winners of challenges are awarded Eristica’s blockchain based cryptocurrency Eristica tokens (ERT). Like any other alternative currency, ERT’s value is subject to fluctuations of the cryptocurrency markets. Currently, they’re in the middle of their ICO which will run through early February. For those who would like to take a gander at the high-risk high reward field of purchasing cryptocurrency, Eristica has a ton of momentum due to its high profile videos its users are producing. It’s not uncommon for them to reach millions of views while people do ridiculous or dangerous feats. Beyond being a platform for youth to share dares, and a place for ICO investors to buy currency, Eristica is fundamentally a video content provider.

Founded by an award-winning team of startup mavens Nikita Akimov and Andrey Sheludchenko have put together a dynamic product, active userbase, well-staffed investment and advisor team, and a roadmap to success. Check out Eristica today. I dare you to.

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