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PeopleMaven: Finding the Top Leaders in Their Field

When looking for experts
To meet or to hire
Or maybe you want
Someone to admire

You can go to LinkedIn
Or AngelList too
They feature many noteworthy
People to sift through

But amid all the chaos
And updates and noise
Are those that excel
With skill and with poise

PeopleMaven is
The new place to find
Those secret talents
Who truly do shine

They may not have a platform
Of which they promote
Nor be constantly presenting
As the keynotes

But excel they do
It’s quite clear to see
Rising above
In their work’s quality

To find them is easy
It’s really a snap
Just select who you want
With PeopleMaven’s app

PeopleMaven allows you to save, share, and discover amazing people. Wherever you live, you can readily use PeopleMaven to discover who’s the best plumber, designer, hair stylist, or any profession you care to explore. You can’t easily find leaders in their fields by searching on Google or LinkedIn, so PeopleMaven is the site to turn to.

Founded by Lewis Lin ex-Google and Microsoft executive, Lewis has worked on recruiting problems, products, and services for more than a decade.. A previous startup was an early predecessor to Glassdoor, the popular company review website. Matching the right people to the right companies has long been his area of expertise. Having not worked at large companies for a number of years he noticed his professional circles and accompanying network of contacts had grown smaller. PeopleMaven is his answer to that in that anyone can use it to quickly gain insight into the broader network of their professional peers.

Their team includes talented developers and machine learning experts who will implement complex algorithms to sift through large data sets, as PeopleMaven grows. This will make it easy to find exactly the best candidates for the role you’re looking for.

Currently, PeopleMaven is a free service. It may explore becoming a premium tool used by top recruiters around the world as it grows and expands. The fully bootstrapped startup has a small team of three full-time people and a few part-time associates.

Using PeopleMaven is easy. You can either navigate to people by category or use their search feature. To contribute your people recommendations, download the PeopleMaven Chrome extension and then add people from popular sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, StackOverflow and Pinterest. Whenever you come across someone you like or find interesting, with just a few clicks, that person will be includedin PeopleMaven’s portfolio of experts.

Check out PeopleMaven if you’re looking to hire for a corporate client or just needing a specialist close to them.

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