Castle In Mobile Phone Custom Web Presence for Your Mobile App

Building an app
‎Is a noble quest
‎It takes many skills
To make it the best

Across all devices
Sync with the server
As its users entices

Workflows and interface
Need refinement and care
And once it’s all done
You need a home page to share

It’s just one more task
On a developer’s list
With so much to do
ShowApp can assist

You can select their default
And use templates for all
Even pick custom domain names
So it’s quite personal

For those that need more
Their team is right there
To build a custom design
Of quality rare
Is the new place to host
Your mobile app’s homepage
To make your app the foremost

Founded by ambitious web developer Kevin Mendez is a website builder and hosting service. It’s intended for mobile app developers who want an easy way to set up a website for their app. offers generous free packages allowing you to use their hosting service along with your own domain for free. Upgrade and you’ll get the assistance of their design team to build you the home page perfect for your app. They also offer a marketing package upgrade as well.

Although originally intended to be primarily a template based solution, has found that many customers would like custom designs and consulting, so they’ve continued to cultivate that part of their offering. Kevin, who hails from Chile, is extremely personable and loves connecting with new clients.

The free plan also includes unlimited landing pages, email list builders, social media integration, call to action buttons, easily embeddable YouTube videos, and more. The design team upgrade includes wireframes, UI/UX, and much more personal consultation. The marketing upgrade is geared toward driving users to your website. is a recently released platform and is still very much in active development. New features and services are included almost weekly in this must watch custom website solution.

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