Welders In The Dark

Viu More: Augmented Support for Your Industrial Workplace

You’re at the plant
just an every day clerk
And wouldn’t you know it
The machine don’t work

You need an expert
To be on site
To fix and repair it
So it functions right

Downtime and lost wages
Add up real fast
You want it fixed quickly
With inspections passed

Viu More gives you
Insight from afar
With its augmented reality
You can get a technical star

With its video app
The team can advise
How to fix it
With their remote eyes

Viu More keeps crews working
Steady and strong
It helps you resolve
When machines go wrong

When industrial machines break down it can take a real toll on productivity. While crews wait around for a specialist to arrive on site money just flows out the door. Many have tried to fix this problem by having repair specialists walk the crew through the repairs on the phone or with a video call. But these have their limitations and often fall short of getting the system up and running again.

Viu More developed an Augmented Support tool to get things done right. It lets you add virtual elements in real time to the conversation by drawing them on the screen. They are shown on both sides so everyone can see what needs to be done. For instance, you can draw arrows on what needs to be unscrewed and replaced, which direction to move the throttle or any other directive. This, complemented with voice and video gives you all the tools you need to fix your machine remotely.

Some of the most helpful features are:

  • Live annotation on video
  • Document sharing so you can mark up a PDF or image from your documentation while on the call with the team on site.
  • Remote expert hands which allow you to preview an action within the user’s situation. Experts can provide assistance worldwide.
  • Integrated chat

Viu More’s Augmented Support tool is a cloud-based SaaS solution that uses a pay per minute pricing model. It’s so easy there’s no training necessary as it works exactly as you would expect. Studies show it has a 30% higher first-time fix rate and an efficiency gain up to 45% saving you both time and money.

Teams that benefit it are large plants, mining sites, or any industrial operation that doesn’t keep highly paid experts on site. Viu More is improving the workflow of the industrial sectors by giving them to the tools to keep their machines running smoothly.

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