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Boon VR: Virtual Reality Based Training to Reduce Medical Errors

In a hard-to-believe article, The Washington Post reported medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US. This unimaginable tragedy is the result of a failure of medical training to keep pace with growing medical practices. When the best and brightest minds in medical research discover new and innovative ways to address major health issues, doctors and practitioners in the field aren’t being effectively trained on them. This is particularly poignant when new devices are introduced to the operating room.

The current model for medical training is well-grounded. Doctors are provided in-person workshop based training to learn new procedures. To further augment this they’re given video and written materials to ensure retention and adoption. As the data clearly shows, this is not translating to effective treatment in practice. Workshops are often only offered periodically, and months may pass between training and when doctors perform a new procedure. Even top healthcare professionals need a degree of experiential practice to become comfortable with the sensitive intricacies of a new type of surgery.

To bridge this gap the height of medical care needs to be connected to the height of technical innovation. Virtual Reality based training is on the cutting edge of technical communication and is the future of medical training. With it doctors can be brought into the operating room and not only see the procedures they’re learning, but also experience them.

Boon VR is leading the way in bringing immersive Virtual Reality based medical training to doctors around the world. Their goal? Reduce the number of errors that take place during medical procedures by providing complete on-demand experiential training. No longer will doctors be limited to periodic workshops with video-based materials. With Boon VRthey’ll be able to thoroughly study a new procedure and review it whenever they need.

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Boon VR goes beyond creating a Virtual Reality experience. It gathers metrics based on how doctors are progressing through their training so they can continually improve it. Based on the results they will know which parts of the training need to be augmented and highlighted. This gives both Boon VR and suppliers of medical devices critical information on how they can continuously improve their training to ensure the highest quality treatment.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Ridhima Parvathaneni she knows well how to connect the dots in major industries using technical innovation to modernize an industry. Straight out of college she founded a logistics company that optimized the free trade zones on the coasts of India. With her business savvy, she reduced what was once nearly two weeks of delays and associated expenses to a streamlined cost-efficient system. Under her leadership, Seaways Free Trade Zone crossed the $1MN revenue mark in less than two years displacing DHL as the market leader. Her other initiatives include co-founding The Indian Impact movement which is India’s first online platform to reduce malnutrition. Now as an established visionary and entrepreneur, Ridhima combines her passions for business leadership with her desire to help others.

Virtual Reality has been available for many years. Google Cardboard offers entry-level viewers for under $20 to make it available for all. For those who aren’t aware, these viewers are similar to a snorkeling mask that you stick a phone in with a VR app turned on. The app tracks your head movement and allows you to experience a virtual room just like you were there. Facebook and Lenovo are releasing standalone headsets that dont require you to plug in a phone, and give you a far superior experience of being present in the virtual room. Thanks to Ridhima’s vision and insight, this VR tech will drastically improve the ability of medical providers to adopt the best of medical innovation.

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