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ChatbotsBuilder: Build a Custom Bot for Your Facebook Page

Chatbots are here and they’re here to stay. They’re only going to get smarter, better, and more proficient at servicing the many requests from users and prospects. Initially the privilege of larger companies with the resources to explore the latest technologies, a growing number of providers are making them mainstream. Among them- ChatbotsBuilder.

ChatbotsBuilder is a customizable Facebook Messenger bot that connects to your Facebook page. In just five minutes you can get your bot up and running. The real power of building a bot is your ability to customize conversation threads based on user replies. ChatbotsBuilder allows you to set up triggers and replies to chart the variety of courses of its conversations.

One of the main uses of ChatbotsBuilder is to generate leads. Prospective clients can be vetted to see if they are likely candidates for your services. It comes with a wide selection of trigger types, the ability to respond to comments on your page, messenger automation, and integration with popular platforms such as MailChimp. When replying to comments on your page you can set it to trigger based on specific words, such as “coupon” to which you may provide a current discount coupon to them. Its automation feature allows you to send messages to people also based on specific words. Every user can get a customized experience, and you have the full suite of Facebook Messenger to work with.

ChatbotsBuilder is part of a broader product offering- TheMavenSystem. It offers a full suite of tools which are geared to be the backbone of a marketing agency’s product offering. It includes everything from a billing system to a fully-functional CRM. ChatbotsBuilder is one of the standout features. Customizable chatbot building is a newly emerging field which doesn’t have a clear leader.

For those who are new to chatbots, ChatbotsBuilder lowers the barrier to entry. Not only does it come with numerous pre-built templates, but it also includes a free offering. Anyone can liven up their Facebook page and test the waters of their very own chatbot. Check out ChatbotsBuilder today.

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