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ExpoHound: Get Connected on the Social Network for Trade Shows

One of the main goals of going to a trade show is to make connections. You may be a sales professional wanting to find new customers. Maybe you’re a growing business looking for new suppliers. Business partners have been found on the floors of trade shows. Trade shows are a hotbed of professional activity and a great place for career growth and building your business.

How best to connect is often left to the wiles of individual attendees. The conventional method is to exchange business cards or add each other on LinkedIn. There are also several applications available to coordinate connections at specific events. But what about a social network for all events? For that, we have ExpoHound.

ExpoHound promotes engagement with event participants before, during, and after the event; allowing users to make the most of their experience. As a dedicated trade show social network, you need only join once and can use ExpoHound for all future trade shows. An event page contains all the information you need including a basic description, interactive attendee and exhibitor profiles, a discussion forum, event updates, and a personal notepad. It links to the event website, the schedule, and even the floor plan. Here’s CES Las Vegas, for example. In the future, they plan on adding sections for venues and vendors, as well as many other features for all user types.

Founded by established growth expert and avid trade show attendee, Jared Kinchen, ExpoHound is the result of his years of attending trade shows worldwide. As a serial entrepreneur and executive coach, he attends as many as 8-10 shows a year. With all this time invested into attending shows, he knows what works and what doesn’t work. What doesn’t work is the current model of downloading event specific applications that hosts all the connections and notes for that event. As soon as the event is over, you must transfer all your contacts and notes to a new system in order to stay in touch. Some events don’t set up any application to connect people at all. With ExpoHound you can keep everything in one place.

The multibillion-dollar trade show industry includes over 13,000 trade shows a year with averaging over 250 exhibitors and 2500 attendees each. For being one of the primary ways to connect with people in your industry, trade shows can be surprisingly disconnected. People only have so much time at an event and need every opportunity they can to maximize their experience. To find all the upcoming trade shows in your field and improve your networking efforts at the ones you are attending, join ExpoHound today.

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