Neural Network Colored Lights

Simple Intelligence: The Online Marketplace for Deep Learning Models

You have a Deep Learning model
And it’s ready to go
Completely refined
Time for the big show

One thing left
There is to do
‎Put it in the cloud
‎And send api calls through

It’s takes enough time
To understand neural networks
Launching a website
Has many quirks

And the model you made
Is valuable
People will pay
For your labor’s toll

A nueral marketplace
Is what you need
From the toils of webdev
You will be freed

Devops and sysadmin
And keeping servers online
Are well trodden fields
You should outsource and consign

Simple Intelligence
Is host for all
Deep Learning models
Both big and small

It starts with TensorFlow
And then AWS
Serve there for free
And then yes Yes YES

When people call
Your api
Your well trained model
Will fast responses supply

Simple Intelligence
Is the place to go
When your model’s ready
To let the data flow

Simple Intelligence is the fastest API for your deep learning model. It is a neural marketplace where data scientists and Machine Learning experts can deploy their models for free, and let other developers make API calls against them. They, in turn, can charge for the service, with just a small transaction fee paid to Simple Intelligence.

Based out of Seattle and founded by esteemed Microsoft engineer Rahul Suresh, Simple Intelligence is a much-needed platform for the emerging and growing field of deep learning. It takes years of study and research to develop accurate models that are trained on certain data inputs and can process future ones. Once built, these models need a place to be hosted so people can access them. Simple Intelligence provides the platform for you to do that.

Recently launched, there already is an initial set of models now available including describing images, adding captions to images, and boxing images so you can separate all the distinct parts. Anyone can send API calls through Simple Intelligence and get access to fast, real-time responses. Most typically you would integrate your application with them, such as if you wanted information on pictures people were uploading to your site. Although models are by no means limited to images, gathering information from the images your users upload is a great way to gain insight into who they are. In turn, you can provide more relevant content to them.

Although still very much in development, Simple Intelligence has been able to introduce its first customers on its platform. This critical step gives them critical feedback while they develop their service into the central hub for the multitude of deep learning models to come.

While serving deep learning models is Simple Intelligence’s first major milestone, they have much more planned for the future. “I envision a drag-and-drop model designer to edit different layers and tweak parameters without writing code,” says Rahul.

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