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Trendbrew: The Shopping App Where Everyone Can Be a Trendsetter

Some people just love to shop. And it’s not only about making purchases, it’s about searching. It’s following trendsetters, being the first to know, seeing what fashion influencers are promoting, and then buying your well-researched items. More than that, it’s about finding deals, getting discounts, and for some, being the trendsetter yourself. Enter Trendbrew, the new centralized platform for shopaholics worldwide.

Trendbrew is a social shopping platform that connects shoppers, influencers, and retailers in one engaging ecosystem. You can create your own personal shopping feed and follow the feeds of others. Retailers can connect with influencers on the system to increase sales, and influencers earn a commission for all the purchases they inspire. You can shop influencer blogs, videos, and also trend stores, which are a collection of products and content created by influencers on TrendBrew. If you want an item, just click the wish button and retailers can send you personalized offerings for your consideration.

Brewing your own trends is easy. New content can be readily added using a simple browser-based bookmarklet. By clicking its Brew button you can add every type of content including reviews, videos, and products. You can brew your channel continuously while you browse the web and shop your favorite outlets. In so doing you’ll create your own personal shopping channel for your followers.

Beyond providing a social platform for shopping, the power of Trendbrew is in the wide variety of vendors it supports. It hosts more than 4k retailers with over 60k products from fashion to electronics, and beyond. Shoppers can shop trending products from any retailer, compare prices, get price drop alerts and earn rewards. Gone are the days of downloading numerous mobile apps from separate retailers. Just download Trendbrew and you gain access to their ever-expanding network of retailers.

Trendbrew also has integrated card-linked offers prompting you with special offers for using a particular credit card, such as Visa or MasterCard. In fact, in just a few weeks they’ll integrate with a service provider that will allow you to only enter your payment information once and make purchases without ever leaving Trendbrew’s system.

In a world where there’s an ever-growing chorus of shopping bloggers, Trendbrew gives you a unified platform to share your findings and discover new items. For those who love to shop, it’s the app for you.

  • Uday Ayyagari

    Great App. I like it.

    1. Stephen Gibson

      It’s going places!

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