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Untappt: Your In-House Cost Effective Recruiting and HR Service

As startups grow they quickly run into the issue of needing to set up HR software, payroll, and a hiring process. Initially, this is often done ad hoc, with online services cobbled together and job postings listed on popular sites. Over time though the need arises to get serious about staffing.

Untappt is an unprecedented service in the recruiting and HR space. They’ll set up your entire HR and payroll systems so you’re ready to recruit top talent to your company. Once set up, they’ll lead the talent search to bring in candidates for you. Long a bastion of hefty referral fees and signing bonuses, placing candidates is a lucrative field. Untappt is here to fix that costly problem for startups. They make personalized and experienced HR services within reach of emerging companies.

Untappt’s strong attention to personal relationships is quintessential to their culture and process. While the rest of us were working on optimizing our landing pages and pitching reporters to cover our businesses, they took a different approach. Founded by seasoned executives Tanya Bourque and Marie Burns, they used their broad network of personal relationships and solid reputation to launch their services. Now 4000 placed candidates in, they’re finally getting around to joining us mortals on the web.

There are two paths through Untappt’s service. First are ongoing clients. They’ll set up all your systems for you and continuously hire candidates at just a fraction of the cost of a conventional recruiting service. The second is they’ll set up your HR workflows and then coach you on how best to use them.

A couple other benefits of working with Untappt are their thoughtful approach to integrating personnel with companies. To help narrow in on great culture fits for your company they have a proprietary personality test they’ve developed. This helps find the right candidates for your team. In order for Untappt to integrate well with your company, they’re white-label, allowing startups to use their own name throughout the recruiting process.

Although currently their service is managed manually, there’s talk of Untappt becoming among the first HRaaS- Human Resources as a Service. They’re exploring automating their process so startups can readily set up their HR and recruiting systems, while still gaining access to their knowledge, coaching, and resources. Whatever the future may bring, for those making the leap to formalizing their HR and recruiting processes, Untappt is the service for you.

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