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Partelo: Interact With Your Favorite Influencers and Content Creators

Building a following online takes a lot of work. It basically requires running your own mini production studio with all the planning and preparation of maintaining a content schedule. Between videos, articles, images — and of course, promotion — it can quickly become a full-time job. Engaging an audience is a lot of work!

These micro-celebrities are the influencers and tastemakers of our era. They have growing followings, get sponsorships from large brands, and are the unofficial entertainers of the internet. And they’re not as distant as the celebrities of yesteryear. Many of them make a point to interact directly with their followers, although in-depth interactions remain quite difficult.

Enter Partelo.

The idea is simple: fans pose questions to their favorite creators, who (for a small fee) create a personalized video response.

Most content creators have difficulty cultivating a minimum level of engagement with their audience and wind up with limited profit streams to show for their work. And of course, there’s the never-ending task of developing content for a hungry audience. Partelo aims to help with all of this. By signing up to the Partelo platform creators open up a new channel for their followers to interact with them. They can set a fee for people to buy a fun video response, which both gives them another way to make money, and fascinating and very relational content for all their followers. They can do so quickly by receiving a new question, making a video response, and sending.

For all of us fans, Partelo lets us interact in a very real way with our favorite internet stars. With questions typically priced at a couple dollars each, you can ask your most pressing question to the icons of your choice. If they accept, you’re guaranteed a response and can get your own 15 minutes of fame if you allow them to share it.

Compared to Patreon by YouTuber Nick Nimmin, Partelo differs in that you don’t need to subscribe as a monthly supporter. You simply pay a one-time fee to get your response, shout-out, or another reward. It’s an on-the-go platform for those wanting to connect with their favorite personalities of the web.

It’s worth noting, Partelo isn’t limited to juggernaut influencers; the platform works just as well for someone with a few followers as it does for those who have a fan base of millions. Signing up is quick and easy; anyone can get going on it. Partelo only collects a fee when questions are submitted, which is more than fair since their service helps everyone involved. Initially designed for YouTube, it’s also a fan-engagement platform for Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. Whether you’re a revered internet celeb or a hobbyist vlogger, Partelo is one of the most promising new ways to interact with your followers online.

And the added income never hurts.

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BetterPost: Increase Instagram Engagement and Curate Your Feed With Quotes

Everyone wants more people to engage with their Instagram posts. We include beautiful pictures, short clips of video, and long lists of hashtags all to entice people to like, comment, or follow us. Filling one’s Instagram feed takes a lot of work though. You need to prepare content to be distributed at the optimal times to be delivered to your audience.

One of the best ways to get people interested in your posts is by using popular quotes. There are numerous sayings created by all of humanity over years that resonate with each of us. Using them in your Instagram feeds will help you connect with your followers and increase your engagement.

BetterPost is a new way to curate your Instagram posts and stories. You simply upload a picture, select a category, and then select from one of the many popular quotes related to it. Their database of over 100,000 quotes provides a near bottomless repository of memorable and innovative sayings that people love to read. You can also add tints to the image, or your logo. Future versions will include scheduling, integration with Google Drive, and allow for teams to collaboratively curate content. Its mobile responsive design makes BetterPost a friendly on-the-go tool for quickly uploading pictures from your phone and sending out to your feed.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Ramon Berrios this isn’t the first social app he and his team have launched. SociallyRich is another of their services which is a well established Instagram follower growth app. Not wanting to stop there, they also recently launched PostPlan, a tool to schedule posts across all your Instagram accounts. They know the territory and are the right team to launch Instagram management tools.

For those looking for a fast way to create engaging and compelling content for their Instagram followers, try BetterPost today.

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Developing a sales pipeline is essential to running a successful business. In order for companies to grow, they must consistently move prospects to clients. Despite all the systems we have to track them, too often they get lost along the way and deals that would have closed are lost.

Solving this problem is It’s a HubSpot add-on that keeps your pipeline moving. By spending just one minute a day gives you insight, coaching, reminders, and clarity into how best to convert your leads. Its AI-based system keeps your revenue pipeline updated with minimal effort allowing your sales team to spend more time with customers and less time record keeping.

For those who don’t know, HubSpot is the online service of choice for CRM, Sales, and Marketing software. Its CRM, in particular, is free, giving you access to the best online tool to manage your customer relationships. Once set up, pulls your customer lead information from its database, and distills the information into exactly the format you need. Are you due to give someone a follow-up call? Which ones are the highest priority? AI-based system will tell you, showing relevant KPI’s to make sure no deal falls through the cracks.

The team behind is naturally of the sales persuasion. There’s no such thing as a closed door to them, just opportunities to knock. It’s time to invigorate your own sales pipeline and get started with today.