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BetterPost: Increase Instagram Engagement and Curate Your Feed With Quotes

Everyone wants more people to engage with their Instagram posts. We include beautiful pictures, short clips of video, and long lists of hashtags all to entice people to like, comment, or follow us. Filling one’s Instagram feed takes a lot of work though. You need to prepare content to be distributed at the optimal times to be delivered to your audience.

One of the best ways to get people interested in your posts is by using popular quotes. There are numerous sayings created by all of humanity over years that resonate with each of us. Using them in your Instagram feeds will help you connect with your followers and increase your engagement.

BetterPost is a new way to curate your Instagram posts and stories. You simply upload a picture, select a category, and then select from one of the many popular quotes related to it. Their database of over 100,000 quotes provides a near bottomless repository of memorable and innovative sayings that people love to read. You can also add tints to the image, or your logo. Future versions will include scheduling, integration with Google Drive, and allow for teams to collaboratively curate content. Its mobile responsive design makes BetterPost a friendly on-the-go tool for quickly uploading pictures from your phone and sending out to your feed.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Ramon Berrios this isn’t the first social app he and his team have launched. SociallyRich is another of their services which is a well established Instagram follower growth app. Not wanting to stop there, they also recently launched PostPlan, a tool to schedule posts across all your Instagram accounts. They know the territory and are the right team to launch Instagram management tools.

For those looking for a fast way to create engaging and compelling content for their Instagram followers, try BetterPost today.

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