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Vyteo aims to write the best startup review a company will ever receive. Our articles are both memorable and insightful representations of the featured startup. We liken them to Super Bowl commercials. They’re promotional in nature but everyone watches them since they’re creative and fun.


In the fall of 2007 I joined up with a developer to work on a startup. Actually more than one startup. Our approach was clumsy, tactics unplanned- we just started. Huddled together in and around San Francisco we pair programmed web applications conceived from our minds. It was infectious and exciting. That was back when the economy was riding intoxicatingly high with spirits to match. The lack of direction, business plan, and collective skill left our projects languishing in the internet dustbin.

The inspiration for a startup blog came in February of 2008. Along the way of working on our startups I started doing “one of those things” startup founders are supposed to do- blogging. One of my posts described my search for a backup solution. Shortly after posting it the founders of one of the highlighted backup services contacted me thanking me for the review and requesting another. It was then that I started thinking I may have found my place in the startup world- as their herald and advocate.

Around that time the economy tanked, and it was like a game of musical chairs. Anyone not holding a comfortable corporate job wasn’t going to readily find one. As it became clear my foray into working non traditional jobs was to be extended, I explored the options. I worked on another startup with a different developer, but that didn’t gain traction. Early 2009 I skipped town and drove out to the Midwest with a friend to keep working on projects.

In May of 2009 in a small Moxie Java coffee shop in Fargo, North Dakato, Vyteo had its start. It actually had a different name then, but the theme of the site was the same- coming alongside newly launched tech companies and rallying them on through writing. Finding startups to feature became an obsession, as was learning how to market and promote the site. The lessons learned are longer than what may fit in an About page, but over the years there were successes and setbacks. Other writers joined from time to time adding their own creative slants to our reviews. We all get a profound sense of accomplishment from finding exactly the right words to describe a company.

In 2016 the creativity went up a notch. All reviews are now poetic expressions of the site. Be them funny, witty, or insightful, they are now truly the most creative startup reviews on the planet. Our thoughtful verses cause people to stop and take notice.

In spring of 2017 we reached our 500th startup review. We also rebranded to Vyteo and formally began offering PR & Content Marketing services. Over the years companies would hire us for odds and ins ranging from preparing press releases, to copywriting, to the occasional video tutorial. We now have a small dynamic team ready to drive sustained growth for your startup. And for the DIY startup marketer we prepared highly targeted PR & Marketing Resources to aide them in their own outreach efforts. Our guides cut through all the marketing noise and tells you what you need to know to reach your audience.

Vyteo is and will always be first and foremost a startup review site. We feature startups, most typically for free, since we love doing so. Our renowned startup reviews aren’t tied to buying into our best-of-class marketing services. We do however use the process of writing an article to evangelize marketing best practices, in particular those surrounding article promotion. We also include an SEO checkup researching the best keyword phrases to target for each featured company. Every new startup post is a landing page in and of itself so it behooves us to optimize them for your startup’s specific keywords.


Our vision is to become the premier startup review site. We’ve already had at least one featured startup bump their TechCrunch review from their home page in favor of Vyteo’s since it was so much more endearing. We like the TechCrunches as much as the next startup enthusiast, but believe there’s room in this tech world for a little more creative flavor.

Our complementary vision is to be the first and foremost place startups reach when they’re looking to grow. Nobody is more committed to their success than the group that found its greatest joy in writing about them over the years.

Welcome to Vyteo and thank you for reading. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Me

Stephen Gibson

Stephen Gibson is the founder of Vyteo and long time startup enthusiast. He has worn many hats throughout his career from techie, to director, project manager, software tester, and of course writer. He literally wants to join every company featured here, and for a few words, gets to.

Vyteo has always been a labor of love and a creative outlet. His other creative outlet is music. Check that out here.