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Glowing Quotes from Startups

These are fantastic insights! I’ve already begun making some major UI overhauls. I think I’m going to vastly cut down on the number of options and then allow you to introduce additional options through a settings screen (if you’re an advanced user). I also like the idea of having global plugins that exist outside of a page and can be carried through. I’m not sure what the easiest way to access them will be, but I’m definitely going to introduce the concept. Your idea of having preloaded project is pretty brilliant, too. The more it can be “plug and play” the better. Thank you, Stephen! I’ll definitely let you know once the changes have been made. I appreciate it. – Ross Hartmann, Founder, Kiingo.

It’s awesome, thank you! – Nikolay Piriankov, CEO, Taylor & Hart.

YOU ARE GENIUS! I love it so much! On the run but shared on FB and gonna do the rest of my networks when I’m seated properly!!!! – Lori Cheek, Founder and CEO, CHEEKD.

Wow, thank you! This review is great! I love the poem –

The lonely nights get cold
Questions from friends and family get old
The desire to share one’s life with another is strong
With Canoodle, how could one go wrong?

This is really amazing! – Canoodle.

Wow. Seriously, this feedback is a treasure. I’ve employed product managers who were not capable of producing this amount of detailed constructive criticism – especially from the point of view of the first time user. It’s a very difficult challenge – to critique something from the point of view of a first time user, while simultaneously having a firm understanding of the underlying intent of the product or service. Very valuable. Thank you! Barry Spencr- Founder and CTO, Zorap

You are the man! Love it! Thank you!! – SportzHype.

Your article was FANTASTIC! I loved, loved, loved your voice and attitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you… – John B. Olson CEO, HuDDleFish.

Beautifully written! I appreciate it and will definitely recommend you to other startups! Thanks so much! – Shaan Siddiqui CEO, Emotify Inc.

The whole team just read what you have written… it really is epic! We were all reading it aloud in proud cheer! It really looks amazing. Let us know when you are posting the article so we can let all our users know! Thank you so much! – Angel, Freedcamp.

We were thrilled with the quality and accuracy of the article and really enjoyed the experience with Vyteo. You not only “get” start ups but also celebrate them. We at Vouchfor! certainly vouch for you and your services! – Darlene, Vouchfor! Inc.

Great article! I will be sure to let everyone know. Thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated and makes all the work we have done worth it. :) – Travis CEO, Kinspir.

I just have to say WOW! We just read the TripAnomaly review and it’s awesome! I love the way you guys analyzed our site and explained every detail to it’s core. It’s like you read our entire business plan. I will definitely have many of my friends use your services. Great work!!!!!
– Will, TripAnomaly.

Thank you for your nice review. I really appreciate it that you took the time to write it. It is rare that people take their time and come up with a creative article that is more than just copy and paste. – Wolfgang Böhl, slidestaxx.

That’s just a wonderful review. Brilliant. We will use quotes in our marketing and link back to you guys. – Andreas Sundgren, Head of the Microproject, Microproject.

You truly did an amazing job. The article is funny, detailed and thoughtful. – Natalia Klimovich, Interestmix

Excellent review! I think I will be using it often as a way of introduction to BrightMesh. I will definitely recommend Vyteo to anyone who is interested in quality start-up reviews. Vitaly- Founder, BrightMesh.

The review was thoughtful and funny, and it captured the essence of my startup in a way that went beyond my expectations. It was obvious that the reviewer cared about doing quality work, and that came through in the article. – Yaphi Berhanu, Blinkdash.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the review on Vyteo. I could see that you put a significant amount of time into it, which shows in the writing and is highly appreciated. I think you guys are doing a great job with Vyteo, and wish you all the best for the future. Now, I’m off to tell a whole bunch of people to read that post! – Sheraan Amod, Co-Founder & CEO, Personera

Thank you for a wonderfully comprehensive review! I am very grateful. :-) I have just received the additional feedback from you. They are priceless! Thank you for your suggestions. I will add them to the to-do list right away. Thank you for everything. – Michael Wong, Missy Flowers

Just wanted to send a HUGE thanks for the wonderful article you wrote and insightful comments you provided. I’m happy to report that you found a good balance between things we have already discussed (payment, features, etc) while also adding some great points. I was especially stoked to hear your thoughts on some of the site layout things (mostly small adjustments). I’ve already implemented some and look forward to implementing others. – David Book, buzztouch

Now it’s looking much better :) Those offline comments are awesome. Christian, CelebKiller

Thanks! It’s awesome. I’ll bookmark your stuff for future client projects too :) – Bryan, 22Slides.

Thanks for the writeup on Chext. I was surprised by the level of detail you were able to produce since our product site has very little copy. The information on how our product works and the problem it solves was pretty much spot on. You must have done your homework and I appreciate that. – Ryan Montgomery, Founder, Chext.

Thanks guys and good luck with Vyteo – the best review site we have seen to date. Gary Edmonstone, Kumbooka

I want to thank you for the very thoughtful and comprehensive review of my website www.stylecheckup.com. Your insights were invaluable and I’m currently making changes to my site based on your suggestions. It was very important for me to get an unbiased opinion of my site and you really helped me achieve that. You made some excellent points that I had missed as did those around me. In addition, your writing style was smart, witty, creative, and enjoyable to read. You really went the extra mile by giving me feedback on the site as well as the main article that was featured on your site. I can’t thank you enough for how much effort you put into this task as well as the amount of times you promoted the site throughout the internet. I will definitely recommend your services to everybody I know. Thank you again for your analysis of my site, the genuine article you wrote, and the promotion of my website! Erin C. Higgins, President of StyleCheckUp

Good job guys! – Kenji, GoldHat

Thank you for this incredible review! It’s great to read and extremely comprehensive and went beyond my expectations. We’re updating the homepage slightly to include a few more quotes. We’ll be including a slice of your post and linking back. Many thanks! – Alex, 280daily.

Thank you for the thoughtful review! I have a feeling that you are explaining our product better than we do ourselves. Alex, InviteBox

Greetings from Vienna. Great job. I love the article. And thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on release 2 which will be live then by the end of the year. Harald Weiss, Wappwolf

Thanks, enjoyed reading the review, I thought it was pretty creative and did a more than adequate job of catching the spirit in which the site was created.  Thanks for making it thoughtful and entertaining as well.  It was smooth across the board doing business (not always the case), and I think the suggestions will prove helpful.   Thanks again, Rob. – Rob, Triyou

Simply amazing. This review was worth every penny and then some. Your detailed report of the site, page by page, and actual service show that you took a great deal of time and interest in putting together this article/review. I agree with all of your points– As you can see from the site (snatcher.org), many have been implemented already. (Don’t worry, your badge will be up soon enough :) – Drew Towers, Sitespotter

Excellent job, as usual! :) Next release should be coming out in a few weeks, hopefully incorporating most of your feedback. Roland Arlt, Translationzilla

Thanks! You’re a wonderful and engaging writer. I loved the review and LOVED the suggestions at the end. They immediately went on the TODO list. I’ve posted a link to the review on our Facebook page. Thanks so much.  Colin Mason- President/CEO, LocalKidzStuff

Thanks for the review of Save My Table. We are delighted with it – you really are a great writer, and your suggestions are warmly received. We are working towards them already. Andrew, Save My Table

Thanks so much for the review. It’s well written and humorous. I’ve shared the link on Twitter and SU. Thanks also for the feedback. I will definitely take them in to consideration on the next redesign! – Derek Curry, Today’s Deals of the Day

Great work thank you for that. The story reads very well and we will certainly be sharing it across the social network channels. I would certainly recommend you to others. Roland, ConnectCV

I have to say that I am positively surprised by your feature about bodalgo. One can really tell that you spent some time looking through the site and reflecting on it. I am very happy with the feature and will refer to it from the Bodalgo blog tomorrow. And if I come across anybody that might want to have a review of their site I surely will recommend Vyteo. Keep up the good work! Armin Hierstetter, Bodalgo

Thanks for the writeup – it looks great!  The article provided some excellent feedback that I’ll be working on soon.  I would love to hear any other suggestions you might have. Keeton, LinkTrack

Thanks! The review is very well written and gives a good overview of our product and the motivations behind it. We’ll be publicizing this over the next few weeks, and also including excerpts on our site. Jason, Panopta