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Case Studies

“Loved the team effort and sweat. Thank you very much for the astounding level of commitment you showed. I really do appreciate it for I know how rare it is to find a true partner in crime like you.” – Ridhima Parvathaneni, founder and CEO of Boon VR

VYTEO was called upon to prepare a crowdfunding campaign on for Here’s a list of all the ways we helped them over the course of a few short weeks:

  • Prepared Republic pitch including script, video, graphics and perks
  • Oversaw design team for graphic design and video editing
  • Press release
  • Located and applied for accelerator program
  • Revised copy and graphics of the home page of their website and oversaw developer in implementing it
  • Numerous iterations of revisions for each item
  • Identified up and coming industry events and steps needed to prepare for them
  • Advised on value of joining specific trade groups
  • Round the clock support

The crowdfunding campaign page can be found here: