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BetterPost: Increase Instagram Engagement and Curate Your Feed With Quotes

Everyone wants more people to engage with their Instagram posts. We include beautiful pictures, short clips of video, and long lists of hashtags all to entice people to like, comment, or follow us. Filling one’s Instagram feed takes a lot of work though. You need to prepare content to be distributed at the optimal times to be delivered to your audience.

One of the best ways to get people interested in your posts is by using popular quotes. There are numerous sayings created by all of humanity over years that resonate with each of us. Using them in your Instagram feeds will help you connect with your followers and increase your engagement.

BetterPost is a new way to curate your Instagram posts and stories. You simply upload a picture, select a category, and then select from one of the many popular quotes related to it. Their database of over 100,000 quotes provides a near bottomless repository of memorable and innovative sayings that people love to read. You can also add tints to the image, or your logo. Future versions will include scheduling, integration with Google Drive, and allow for teams to collaboratively curate content. Its mobile responsive design makes BetterPost a friendly on-the-go tool for quickly uploading pictures from your phone and sending out to your feed.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Ramon Berrios this isn’t the first social app he and his team have launched. SociallyRich is another of their services which is a well established Instagram follower growth app. Not wanting to stop there, they also recently launched PostPlan, a tool to schedule posts across all your Instagram accounts. They know the territory and are the right team to launch Instagram management tools.

For those looking for a fast way to create engaging and compelling content for their Instagram followers, try BetterPost today.

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Developing a sales pipeline is essential to running a successful business. In order for companies to grow, they must consistently move prospects to clients. Despite all the systems we have to track them, too often they get lost along the way and deals that would have closed are lost.

Solving this problem is It’s a HubSpot add-on that keeps your pipeline moving. By spending just one minute a day gives you insight, coaching, reminders, and clarity into how best to convert your leads. Its AI-based system keeps your revenue pipeline updated with minimal effort allowing your sales team to spend more time with customers and less time record keeping.

For those who don’t know, HubSpot is the online service of choice for CRM, Sales, and Marketing software. Its CRM, in particular, is free, giving you access to the best online tool to manage your customer relationships. Once set up, pulls your customer lead information from its database, and distills the information into exactly the format you need. Are you due to give someone a follow-up call? Which ones are the highest priority? AI-based system will tell you, showing relevant KPI’s to make sure no deal falls through the cracks.

The team behind is naturally of the sales persuasion. There’s no such thing as a closed door to them, just opportunities to knock. It’s time to invigorate your own sales pipeline and get started with today.

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ChatbotsBuilder: Build a Custom Bot for Your Facebook Page

Chatbots are here and they’re here to stay. They’re only going to get smarter, better, and more proficient at servicing the many requests from users and prospects. Initially the privilege of larger companies with the resources to explore the latest technologies, a growing number of providers are making them mainstream. Among them- ChatbotsBuilder.

ChatbotsBuilder is a customizable Facebook Messenger bot that connects to your Facebook page. In just five minutes you can get your bot up and running. The real power of building a bot is your ability to customize conversation threads based on user replies. ChatbotsBuilder allows you to set up triggers and replies to chart the variety of courses of its conversations.

One of the main uses of ChatbotsBuilder is to generate leads. Prospective clients can be vetted to see if they are likely candidates for your services. It comes with a wide selection of trigger types, the ability to respond to comments on your page, messenger automation, and integration with popular platforms such as MailChimp. When replying to comments on your page you can set it to trigger based on specific words, such as “coupon” to which you may provide a current discount coupon to them. Its automation feature allows you to send messages to people also based on specific words. Every user can get a customized experience, and you have the full suite of Facebook Messenger to work with.

ChatbotsBuilder is part of a broader product offering- TheMavenSystem. It offers a full suite of tools which are geared to be the backbone of a marketing agency’s product offering. It includes everything from a billing system to a fully-functional CRM. ChatbotsBuilder is one of the standout features. Customizable chatbot building is a newly emerging field which doesn’t have a clear leader.

For those who are new to chatbots, ChatbotsBuilder lowers the barrier to entry. Not only does it come with numerous pre-built templates, but it also includes a free offering. Anyone can liven up their Facebook page and test the waters of their very own chatbot. Check out ChatbotsBuilder today.

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Boon VR: Virtual Reality Based Training to Reduce Medical Errors

In a hard-to-believe article, The Washington Post reported medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US. This unimaginable tragedy is the result of a failure of medical training to keep pace with growing medical practices. When the best and brightest minds in medical research discover new and innovative ways to address major health issues, doctors and practitioners in the field aren’t being effectively trained on them. This is particularly poignant when new devices are introduced to the operating room.

The current model for medical training is well-grounded. Doctors are provided in-person workshop based training to learn new procedures. To further augment this they’re given video and written materials to ensure retention and adoption. As the data clearly shows, this is not translating to effective treatment in practice. Workshops are often only offered periodically, and months may pass between training and when doctors perform a new procedure. Even top healthcare professionals need a degree of experiential practice to become comfortable with the sensitive intricacies of a new type of surgery.

To bridge this gap the height of medical care needs to be connected to the height of technical innovation. Virtual Reality based training is on the cutting edge of technical communication and is the future of medical training. With it doctors can be brought into the operating room and not only see the procedures they’re learning, but also experience them.

Boon VR is leading the way in bringing immersive Virtual Reality based medical training to doctors around the world. Their goal? Reduce the number of errors that take place during medical procedures by providing complete on-demand experiential training. No longer will doctors be limited to periodic workshops with video-based materials. With Boon VRthey’ll be able to thoroughly study a new procedure and review it whenever they need.

Nurse Stethoscope

Boon VR goes beyond creating a Virtual Reality experience. It gathers metrics based on how doctors are progressing through their training so they can continually improve it. Based on the results they will know which parts of the training need to be augmented and highlighted. This gives both Boon VR and suppliers of medical devices critical information on how they can continuously improve their training to ensure the highest quality treatment.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Ridhima Parvathaneni she knows well how to connect the dots in major industries using technical innovation to modernize an industry. Straight out of college she founded a logistics company that optimized the free trade zones on the coasts of India. With her business savvy, she reduced what was once nearly two weeks of delays and associated expenses to a streamlined cost-efficient system. Under her leadership, Seaways Free Trade Zone crossed the $1MN revenue mark in less than two years displacing DHL as the market leader. Her other initiatives include co-founding The Indian Impact movement which is India’s first online platform to reduce malnutrition. Now as an established visionary and entrepreneur, Ridhima combines her passions for business leadership with her desire to help others.

Virtual Reality has been available for many years. Google Cardboard offers entry-level viewers for under $20 to make it available for all. For those who aren’t aware, these viewers are similar to a snorkeling mask that you stick a phone in with a VR app turned on. The app tracks your head movement and allows you to experience a virtual room just like you were there. Facebook and Lenovo are releasing standalone headsets that dont require you to plug in a phone, and give you a far superior experience of being present in the virtual room. Thanks to Ridhima’s vision and insight, this VR tech will drastically improve the ability of medical providers to adopt the best of medical innovation.

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Trendbrew: The Shopping App Where Everyone Can Be a Trendsetter

Some people just love to shop. And it’s not only about making purchases, it’s about searching. It’s following trendsetters, being the first to know, seeing what fashion influencers are promoting, and then buying your well-researched items. More than that, it’s about finding deals, getting discounts, and for some, being the trendsetter yourself. Enter Trendbrew, the new centralized platform for shopaholics worldwide.

Trendbrew is a social shopping platform that connects shoppers, influencers, and retailers in one engaging ecosystem. You can create your own personal shopping feed and follow the feeds of others. Retailers can connect with influencers on the system to increase sales, and influencers earn a commission for all the purchases they inspire. You can shop influencer blogs, videos, and also trend stores, which are a collection of products and content created by influencers on TrendBrew. If you want an item, just click the wish button and retailers can send you personalized offerings for your consideration.

Brewing your own trends is easy. New content can be readily added using a simple browser-based bookmarklet. By clicking its Brew button you can add every type of content including reviews, videos, and products. You can brew your channel continuously while you browse the web and shop your favorite outlets. In so doing you’ll create your own personal shopping channel for your followers.

Beyond providing a social platform for shopping, the power of Trendbrew is in the wide variety of vendors it supports. It hosts more than 4k retailers with over 60k products from fashion to electronics, and beyond. Shoppers can shop trending products from any retailer, compare prices, get price drop alerts and earn rewards. Gone are the days of downloading numerous mobile apps from separate retailers. Just download Trendbrew and you gain access to their ever-expanding network of retailers.

Trendbrew also has integrated card-linked offers prompting you with special offers for using a particular credit card, such as Visa or MasterCard. In fact, in just a few weeks they’ll integrate with a service provider that will allow you to only enter your payment information once and make purchases without ever leaving Trendbrew’s system.

In a world where there’s an ever-growing chorus of shopping bloggers, Trendbrew gives you a unified platform to share your findings and discover new items. For those who love to shop, it’s the app for you.

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ExpoHound: Get Connected on the Social Network for Trade Shows

One of the main goals of going to a trade show is to make connections. You may be a sales professional wanting to find new customers. Maybe you’re a growing business looking for new suppliers. Business partners have been found on the floors of trade shows. Trade shows are a hotbed of professional activity and a great place for career growth and building your business.

How best to connect is often left to the wiles of individual attendees. The conventional method is to exchange business cards or add each other on LinkedIn. There are also several applications available to coordinate connections at specific events. But what about a social network for all events? For that, we have ExpoHound.

ExpoHound promotes engagement with event participants before, during, and after the event; allowing users to make the most of their experience. As a dedicated trade show social network, you need only join once and can use ExpoHound for all future trade shows. An event page contains all the information you need including a basic description, interactive attendee and exhibitor profiles, a discussion forum, event updates, and a personal notepad. It links to the event website, the schedule, and even the floor plan. Here’s CES Las Vegas, for example. In the future, they plan on adding sections for venues and vendors, as well as many other features for all user types.

Founded by established growth expert and avid trade show attendee, Jared Kinchen, ExpoHound is the result of his years of attending trade shows worldwide. As a serial entrepreneur and executive coach, he attends as many as 8-10 shows a year. With all this time invested into attending shows, he knows what works and what doesn’t work. What doesn’t work is the current model of downloading event specific applications that hosts all the connections and notes for that event. As soon as the event is over, you must transfer all your contacts and notes to a new system in order to stay in touch. Some events don’t set up any application to connect people at all. With ExpoHound you can keep everything in one place.

The multibillion-dollar trade show industry includes over 13,000 trade shows a year with averaging over 250 exhibitors and 2500 attendees each. For being one of the primary ways to connect with people in your industry, trade shows can be surprisingly disconnected. People only have so much time at an event and need every opportunity they can to maximize their experience. To find all the upcoming trade shows in your field and improve your networking efforts at the ones you are attending, join ExpoHound today.

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Untappt: Your In-House Cost Effective Recruiting and HR Service

As startups grow they quickly run into the issue of needing to set up HR software, payroll, and a hiring process. Initially, this is often done ad hoc, with online services cobbled together and job postings listed on popular sites. Over time though the need arises to get serious about staffing.

Untappt is an unprecedented service in the recruiting and HR space. They’ll set up your entire HR and payroll systems so you’re ready to recruit top talent to your company. Once set up, they’ll lead the talent search to bring in candidates for you. Long a bastion of hefty referral fees and signing bonuses, placing candidates is a lucrative field. Untappt is here to fix that costly problem for startups. They make personalized and experienced HR services within reach of emerging companies.

Untappt’s strong attention to personal relationships is quintessential to their culture and process. While the rest of us were working on optimizing our landing pages and pitching reporters to cover our businesses, they took a different approach. Founded by seasoned executives Tanya Bourque and Marie Burns, they used their broad network of personal relationships and solid reputation to launch their services. Now 4000 placed candidates in, they’re finally getting around to joining us mortals on the web.

There are two paths through Untappt’s service. First are ongoing clients. They’ll set up all your systems for you and continuously hire candidates at just a fraction of the cost of a conventional recruiting service. The second is they’ll set up your HR workflows and then coach you on how best to use them.

A couple other benefits of working with Untappt are their thoughtful approach to integrating personnel with companies. To help narrow in on great culture fits for your company they have a proprietary personality test they’ve developed. This helps find the right candidates for your team. In order for Untappt to integrate well with your company, they’re white-label, allowing startups to use their own name throughout the recruiting process.

Although currently their service is managed manually, there’s talk of Untappt becoming among the first HRaaS- Human Resources as a Service. They’re exploring automating their process so startups can readily set up their HR and recruiting systems, while still gaining access to their knowledge, coaching, and resources. Whatever the future may bring, for those making the leap to formalizing their HR and recruiting processes, Untappt is the service for you.

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Simple Intelligence: The Online Marketplace for Deep Learning Models

You have a Deep Learning model
And it’s ready to go
Completely refined
Time for the big show

One thing left
There is to do
‎Put it in the cloud
‎And send api calls through

It’s takes enough time
To understand neural networks
Launching a website
Has many quirks

And the model you made
Is valuable
People will pay
For your labor’s toll

A nueral marketplace
Is what you need
From the toils of webdev
You will be freed

Devops and sysadmin
And keeping servers online
Are well trodden fields
You should outsource and consign

Simple Intelligence
Is host for all
Deep Learning models
Both big and small

It starts with TensorFlow
And then AWS
Serve there for free
And then yes Yes YES

When people call
Your api
Your well trained model
Will fast responses supply

Simple Intelligence
Is the place to go
When your model’s ready
To let the data flow

Simple Intelligence is the fastest API for your deep learning model. It is a neural marketplace where data scientists and Machine Learning experts can deploy their models for free, and let other developers make API calls against them. They, in turn, can charge for the service, with just a small transaction fee paid to Simple Intelligence.

Based out of Seattle and founded by esteemed Microsoft engineer Rahul Suresh, Simple Intelligence is a much-needed platform for the emerging and growing field of deep learning. It takes years of study and research to develop accurate models that are trained on certain data inputs and can process future ones. Once built, these models need a place to be hosted so people can access them. Simple Intelligence provides the platform for you to do that.

Recently launched, there already is an initial set of models now available including describing images, adding captions to images, and boxing images so you can separate all the distinct parts. Anyone can send API calls through Simple Intelligence and get access to fast, real-time responses. Most typically you would integrate your application with them, such as if you wanted information on pictures people were uploading to your site. Although models are by no means limited to images, gathering information from the images your users upload is a great way to gain insight into who they are. In turn, you can provide more relevant content to them.

Although still very much in development, Simple Intelligence has been able to introduce its first customers on its platform. This critical step gives them critical feedback while they develop their service into the central hub for the multitude of deep learning models to come.

While serving deep learning models is Simple Intelligence’s first major milestone, they have much more planned for the future. “I envision a drag-and-drop model designer to edit different layers and tweak parameters without writing code,” says Rahul.

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Carrot: Video Calls That Monitor a Prospect’s Mood

You’re on a call
Giving your sales pitch
The line is quiet
Time for a topic switch

We all change gears
Based on body language
To be better listeners
And relationships manage

But on the computer
It’s so hard to gauge
How users feel
Or if they are engaged

We can check bounce rates
And the buttons they click
But we really don’t know
Beyond simple metrics

Carrot will read
With their video calls
How a user feels
If they’re bored or enthralled

A simple chart
Will show you your score
Did they check out
Or do they want to hear more

Reading people
Is how you succeed
Carrot’s video calls
Is the tool that you need

Carrot, found at, is a groundbreaking Emotional Intelligence platform that helps sales professionals close more deals. As the world’s first mental state analysis tool, it tells you in real-time how a person is feeling during a video call based on their facial expressions. Sales reps can then quickly adjust their conversations with the feedback Carrot reports. During a call, you’ll see a continuously updated percentage of how interested they are in your conversation. To help the entire team grow and improve, its reporting features give sales managers the ability to quickly review the engagement levels of their staff’s sales calls.

Built upon their GraphEQ platform, Carrot represents the next generation of computers simulating human behavior. Artificial Intelligence is getting machines to simulate learning and then change their behavior as new information arrives. Carrot takes this to the next level picking up on social cues and tying them to emotional states. Are their pupils dilated or constricted? Did they furrow their brow? Are they smiling, fake smiling, or making another expression. Carrot takes numerous data points during video calls and tells you the scientific analysis of their current disposition. Their emotional analysis platform distills this information down to a single metric of how positive or negative they’re feeling. You can see when your prospect checks out, or when they’re warming up to you.

The Carrot team is a unique band of intellectuals. Founders Christopher Shrader and Zachary Nevin have known each other since childhood. The rest joined in at various points and became part of their highly cohesive team. They’re like a tight-knit family living in multiple places together throughout the world including Hong Kong, the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and currently, reside in Ontario Canada. Their travels follow business objectives, Visa availability, and preference. They enjoy a lifestyle together united by a single goal- to develop artificial intelligence to the point where it can emulate human empathy. Their love is the science, research, and development of emotionally intelligent machines and Carrot is their first tangible application of their collective work.

As we delve deeper into the world of making computers simulate human behavior Carrot is on the frontlines. Cognitive states are nuanced and complex communications. Carrot’s state-of-the-art video conferencing sales tool gives sales professionals valuable insight, and is the earliest precursor to machines emulating empathy.

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Eristica: Take A Dare To Win Cryptocoins

We’ve all dared a friend
To take a plunge
Climb up tall buildings
Or any challenge

We egg them on
Taunt them as cowards
Tell them to go for it
Until their courage is stirred

So they’ll sneak into buildings
Or eat something strange
Run wild and naked
Or have a funny exchange

Wear something silly
Say something odd
To earn friends’ respect
Gain approving nods

Eristica’s network
Is where this takes place
Challenge someone
To fears they should face

The winners will earn
A new currency
Eristica tokens
Fund this economy

It’s silly it’s fun
To make video proof
Of your daring adventures
And social goofs

Eristica is a peer to peer mobile app that encourages people to dare each other to do silly, crazy, and fun things. Example dares range from eating something you might not normally, to running through a street tunnel, or jumping into ice cold water. Popular among teens, university students, and the young at heart, Eristica connects friends and people around the world as they egg each other on.

Winners of challenges are awarded Eristica’s blockchain based cryptocurrency Eristica tokens (ERT). Like any other alternative currency, ERT’s value is subject to fluctuations of the cryptocurrency markets. Currently, they’re in the middle of their ICO which will run through early February. For those who would like to take a gander at the high-risk high reward field of purchasing cryptocurrency, Eristica has a ton of momentum due to its high profile videos its users are producing. It’s not uncommon for them to reach millions of views while people do ridiculous or dangerous feats. Beyond being a platform for youth to share dares, and a place for ICO investors to buy currency, Eristica is fundamentally a video content provider.

Founded by an award-winning team of startup mavens Nikita Akimov and Andrey Sheludchenko have put together a dynamic product, active userbase, well-staffed investment and advisor team, and a roadmap to success. Check out Eristica today. I dare you to.