What is Vyteo?

Vyteo hosts the best and most creative startup reviews on the planet. Our reviews are both memorable and accurate representations of the featured startup. We liken them to Super Bowl commercials. They’re promotional in nature but everyone watches them since they’re creative and fun. We are the only host of poems for tech startups. Being featured on the Vyteo is free and a way we get to spur startups on to greater success. Check out our About Page for more information on Vyteo’s history.

From the beginning startups have requested various projects from us such as preparing press releases and other copywriting tasks. We now formally offer PR & Marketing services to drive a startup’s sustained growth. See our PR & Marketing Resources page for more info.

Can start-up teams help articles go viral?

Yes. Articles either get an initial seed of views when published, or become trending and receive a steady stream of them over time. Trending articles on Vyteo gain upwards of 15k views. Please read our marketing resource guide “Articles Are the Best Advertisements. Are You Promoting Them?” It includes 11 actionable steps that will drastically increase the viewership of all the placements your startup receives.

Can I repost the article in its entirety?

Yes, featured sites can repost their startup reviews in part of in full so long as they attribute and link back to the original post on Vyteo. Most typically they’ll include it in their blogs or press pages. When sharing the new post on social media please tag us (@VyteoPro on FB/Twitter). We’ll vote it up and/or share. If you want to incorporate the post in other marketing materials where attribution isn’t possible, please contact us.

If you’d like to repost any of our Startup PR & Marketing Resources please contact us first. If you aren’t a featured site and would like to republish any of our articles please get in touch with us first with the site you plan on posting them on. This Moz article is a great guide on best practices for syndicating content.

What information do you need to write a review?

We used to write features strictly based upon the information found on the site and what was gleaned from email communication. We’ve found features turn out much fuller when we have a quick call to get more background on the company and its founders. This gives us a chance to learn the story behind your startup so we can share it with our readers. The main things we want to know are:

  • History and inspiration behind the startup.
  • Who the founders are and other projects they’ve worked on.
  • Progress of the company, important milestones, and goals.
  • Any keywords you’re using for your marketing so we can include them in the article.
  • Any other backstory or interesting details about you company or founders.

Can sites select keywords to be included in the article?

We want to know the keywords you’re targeting in your campaigns and we’ll do some research on our own as well. Running a startup blog is a unique challenge from an SEO standpoint in that each new article is about an entirely different topic. Effectively, each new post is its own landing page and needs its own keyword research. We attempt to find the right keywords to make your post the most successful. Once published, the best thing sites can do is link to their featured post from their blog, press page, and other articles. This both increases the rankings of their specific article, and also confirms to Google the exact context of it. Please see our Marketing & PR Resources for more details.

How much do Vyteo reviews cost?

Features on Vyteo are free, by selection only. Historically we’ve offered sponsored posts, but collecting payments for articles has numerous drawbacks. Google strictly forbids paying for links that pass pagerank, so we must make all the links nofollow. The FTC requires endorsed content to be marked as such, so we denote those articles as sponsored. Lastly, if we’re hired to write for a company then we lose our creative freedom. We want to write articles for our audience, not for the people within the companies we feature. They already know what they do. If someone pays us it changes the tone of how our articles turn out since they hired us to write it. Thus we usually favor not accepting sponsored posts. That said, some of our most popular articles are sponsored, so if you’d like to move to the front of the line we’re open to discussing it.

How many people write for Vyteo?

We’ve had a handful of writers since our May 2009 launch. Typically we have a few main writers with an occasional guest writer. With the advent of our new marketing services offering we now have a lean team of dedicated pros at their respective marketing & PR roles.

Are you in San Francisco? Let’s grab a beer!

I live in the heart of the Mission in SF. I love startups and love meeting them. Are you here or coming to town? Let’s grab a beer! You may also find me at the Let’s Make Stuff Engineers+Designers+Artists+Makers+Creatives Meetup. It’s a great place to work on your project and get feedback from others. Join us!