What is Vyteo? <top>
Vyteo hosts the best and most creative startup reviews on the planet. Our reviews are both memorable and accurate representations of the featured startup. We liken them to Super Bowl commercials. They’re promotional in nature but everyone watches them since they’re creative and fun. We are the only host of poetic features for tech startups. Check out our About Page for more information on Vyteo’s history.

Can start-up teams help articles go viral? <top>
Yes. Trending articles on Vyteo gain upwards of 15k views. But every new post and page on the internet starts with a Page Authority of one, on a 100-point logarithmic scale. Here’s how to increase your article’s Page Authority and reach trending status.

  1. Cite and link back to your article in a blog post, press page, and in other articles you publish. We make every attempt to include memorable quotes in our posts to make them highly citable. All our top articles are got there from a steady stream of search traffic. Placing a link back to the post tells Google that this article is important. It will then send a steady stream of traffic to your article.
  2. Share, pin, and schedule it across social media. Schedule it to be posted 3-5 times throughout the year and pin it periodically to the top of your feed. Email it to your team to like and share as well. For extra likes & faves tag us (@VyteoPro on FaceBook/Twitter) and use relevant hashtags. All article cover photos are royalty free and display nicely when shared. Posting and especially pinning on social media tells your audience you were featured, helps motivate the team, and increases overall exposure.
  3. Comment on it and ask others to do so as well. Studies show comments are a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. All our top articles have a decent amount of comments.
  4. Run paid advertising campaigns with your article. Articles are a better investment than other types of marketable content. Unlike display or search advertising, articles gain value over time and directly impact your own site’s ranking. Running paid campaigns across OutBrain, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon will increase its overall footprint.

P.S. The above steps are a great amplification formula for every placement you receive.

Can I repost the article in its entirety? <top>
Yes, for an article or two, similar to how people share Dilbert comics around the web. When doing so please attribute and link back to Vyteo.com or tag us on social media (@VyteoPro on FB/Twitter). Excerpts with a link back are great too. Please contact us if you’d like to feature our content more than a few times. This Moz article is a great guide for how best to syndicate content. If you’d like to repost any of our Startup PR & Marketing Resources please contact us first.

What information do you need to write a review? <top>
We used to write features strictly based upon the information found on the site and what was gleaned from email communication. I’ve found features turn out much fuller when we have a quick call to get more background on the company and its founders.

Can sites select keywords to be included in the article? <top>
We make every attempt to pull language from your messaging, but don’t outright take a list of keywords to include in the post. Usually it happens naturally though. Sometimes the things people do in the name of SEO leads to very uncompelling content, which in turn adversely affects their rankings. We first attempt to create great content, and make it a secondary priority to accommodate keywords. If we really miss the boat on one you’re targeting, do let us know though.

The good news is in recent years Google has been increasingly moving toward semantic search, where it returns intent based results not just pattern matching based on the specific words. Although keywords won’t be going away any time soon, we’ve now entered the arena where writers and hopefully designers can have the freedom to create the best user experience for humans, rather than turning their pages into databases so search engines can understand it.

How much do Vyteo reviews cost? <top>
Features on Vyteo are free, by selection only. Historically we offered sponsored posts, but don’t currently. The best payment is sharing the article across social media and especially citing and linking back to it.

How many people write for Vyteo? <top>
We’ve had a handful of writers since our May 2009 launch. Typically we have a few main writers with an occasional guest writer.

Are you in San Francisco? Let’s grab a beer! <top>
I live in the heart of the Mission in SF. I love startups (obviously) and love meeting them. Are you here or coming to town? Let’s grab a beer! Or invite me to your launch or mixer event. I’m happy to meet your crew, or even give a short offbeat presentation.