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What is Vyteo?

Simply put: Vyteo is your startup’s introduction to the world. Vyteo hosts the most creative startup reviews on the planet. Our reviews are both memorable and accurate representations of the featured startup. We liken them to Super Bowl commercials. They’re promotional in nature but everyone watches them since they’re creative and fun. Being featured on Vyteo is a way to spur your startup on to greater success. Check out our About Page for more information on Vyteo’s history.

Due to popular demand, Vyteo now formally offers PR services to drive a startup’s sustained growth. We want to make a lasting impact in your growth beyond what we can in a single blog post. See our Services page for more info.

What can I do to get my startup feature article to go viral?

Articles either get an initial seed of views when published, or become trending and receive a steady stream of them over time. Trending articles on Vyteo gain upwards of 15k views. Please read our marketing resource guide “Articles Are the Best Advertisements. Are You Promoting Them?” It includes 11 actionable steps that will drastically increase the viewership of all the placements your startup receives.

Can I repost the article in its entirety?

Please do! Featured startups can repost their site reviews in part of in full, so long as they attribute and link back to the original post on Vyteo. Please feel free to include your feature on your blogs or press pages. When sharing the new post on social media please tag us (@VyteoPro on FB/Twitter). We’ll vote it up and/or share. If you want to incorporate the post in other marketing materials where attribution isn’t possible, please contact us.

Interested in posting any of our Startup PR & Marketing Resources or republishing our articles but aren’t one of our featured startups? Please contact us first. This Moz article is a great guide on best practices for syndicating content.

What information do you need to write a review?

We want to help you share your story and what makes your company unique. To make sure we tell your story effectively, we prefer to have a 15-20 min. phone discussion with you on:

  • History and inspiration behind the startup.
  • Who the founders are and other projects they’ve worked on.
  • Progress of the company, important milestones and goals.
  • Any keywords you’re using for your marketing so we can include them in the article.
  • Any other backstory or interesting details about your company or founders.

If you’re unavailable for a phone discussion, feel free to contact us via email with the information above.

Can sites select keywords to be included in the article?

Yes. We’ll do our own research and work with you to target the keywords that will drive traffic to your website and set your company apart through dynamic SEO.

Are you in San Francisco? Let’s get coffee!

Our founder Stephen, lives in the heart of the Mission in SF. He loves startups and meeting the amazing men and women behind them. Are you here or coming to town? Stephen says, “Let’s get coffee! I’m also an organizer with Let’s Make Stuff Engineers+Designers+Artists+Makers+Creatives Meetup. You’re always welcome to come by our meetups. Join us!”