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Your Personal CMO

All companies need a Chief Marketing Officer to join their team and work alongside them. VYTEO offers this service at a scalable rate. Our team works fast and smart and can make an impact in as little as 4-5 hours per month. Here’s how it works. Decide what your monthly budget is for our CMO services. Then decide what your budget is for advertising such as Google Adwords, Facebook, or paid ads. We’ll work as an integrated member of your team adjusting to the current needs of your company. Our team is full service including copywriting, A/B testing, email marketing, SEO, PR, content marketing, paid advertising, and more. We focus on what needs to be done to reach your audience. At the end of the month we’ll provide detailed reports of everything that was accomplished along with insights and recommendations to chart the path forward. It’s just like hiring a CMO. We can do short campaigns where we get everything set up for you, or ongoing campaigns where we grow with your company. We get things done to make you succeed.

CMO PROMO. In 2018 we’re offering a promotion for companies to test our marketing service. For $300 our staff will drive multi-pronged campaigns across all channels to demonstrate what we can do. This is discounted 5 times the value so you can evaluate our services. There’s no scoping projects, nor negotiating terms. We get to work in the directions we think are the most valuable to win you as a client.

We want to own your messaging. Every word across every media type on every channel.

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