Daring Man Standing on Utility Pole Poem

Eristica: Take A Dare To Win Cryptocoins

We’ve all dared a friend
To take a plunge
Climb up tall buildings
Or any challenge

We egg them on
Taunt them as cowards
Tell them to go for it
Until their courage is stirred

So they’ll sneak into buildings
Or eat something strange
Run wild and naked
Or have a funny exchange

Wear something silly
Say something odd
To earn friends’ respect
Gain approving nods

Eristica’s network
Is where this takes place
Challenge someone
To fears they should face

The winners will earn
A new currency
Eristica tokens
Fund this economy

It’s silly it’s fun
To make video proof
Of your daring adventures
And social goofs

Eristica is a peer to peer mobile app that encourages people to dare each other to do silly, crazy, and fun things. Example dares range from eating something you might not normally, to running through a street tunnel, or jumping into ice cold water. Popular among teens, university students, and the young at heart, Eristica connects friends and people around the world as they egg each other on.

Winners of challenges are awarded Eristica’s blockchain based cryptocurrency Eristica tokens (ERT). Like any other alternative currency, ERT’s value is subject to fluctuations of the cryptocurrency markets. Currently, they’re in the middle of their ICO which will run through early February. For those who would like to take a gander at the high-risk high reward field of purchasing cryptocurrency, Eristica has a ton of momentum due to its high profile videos its users are producing. It’s not uncommon for them to reach millions of views while people do ridiculous or dangerous feats. Beyond being a platform for youth to share dares, and a place for ICO investors to buy currency, Eristica is fundamentally a video content provider.

Founded by an award-winning team of startup mavens Nikita Akimov and Andrey Sheludchenko have put together a dynamic product, active userbase, well-staffed investment and advisor team, and a roadmap to success. Check out Eristica today. I dare you to.

Welders In The Dark Poem

Viu More: Augmented Support for Your Industrial Workplace

You’re at the plant
just an every day clerk
And wouldn’t you know it
The machine don’t work

You need an expert
To be on site
To fix and repair it
So it functions right

Downtime and lost wages
Add up real fast
You want it fixed quickly
With inspections passed

Viu More gives you
Insight from afar
With its augmented reality
You can get a technical star

With its video app
The team can advise
How to fix it
With their remote eyes

Viu More keeps crews working
Steady and strong
It helps you resolve
When machines go wrong

When industrial machines break down it can take a real toll on productivity. While crews wait around for a specialist to arrive on site money just flows out the door. Many have tried to fix this problem by having repair specialists walk the crew through the repairs on the phone or with a video call. But these have their limitations and often fall short of getting the system up and running again.

Viu More developed an Augmented Support tool to get things done right. It lets you add virtual elements in real time to the conversation by drawing them on the screen. They are shown on both sides so everyone can see what needs to be done. For instance, you can draw arrows on what needs to be unscrewed and replaced, which direction to move the throttle or any other directive. This, complemented with voice and video gives you all the tools you need to fix your machine remotely.

Some of the most helpful features are:

  • Live annotation on video
  • Document sharing so you can mark up a PDF or image from your documentation while on the call with the team on site.
  • Remote expert hands which allow you to preview an action within the user’s situation. Experts can provide assistance worldwide.
  • Integrated chat

Viu More’s Augmented Support tool is a cloud-based SaaS solution that uses a pay per minute pricing model. It’s so easy there’s no training necessary as it works exactly as you would expect. Studies show it has a 30% higher first-time fix rate and an efficiency gain up to 45% saving you both time and money.

Teams that benefit it are large plants, mining sites, or any industrial operation that doesn’t keep highly paid experts on site. Viu More is improving the workflow of the industrial sectors by giving them to the tools to keep their machines running smoothly.

Piggy Bank Cute Poem

botkeeper: The AI Bookkeeper With Human Support

You have a business
And cash flows in and out
It’s hard to keep track
Where it all routes

You need someone
To keep track
For expenses and payrole
Both red and black

A full time accountant
Can be easily hired
But they cost you money
To be acquired

Bookkeeping is
Often mundane
It has many actions
That are quite the same

Perhaps a bot
Could quickly perform
The daily chores
That follow consistent norms

For the one-off cases
You could call support
For the finer details
They were quickly sort

botkeeper is
All this indeed
It’s an AI accountant
With support when you need

At a fraction the cost
Of a real life person
Hire them now
To get bookkeeping done

botkeeper is the new way to run bookkeeping. Instead of hiring a bookkeeper you can hire botkeeper to handle all the financial tasks of your company. It takes the repetitive tasks in accounting and automates them. You can interact with your bot the same as you would a real-life bookkeeper. It uses machine learning to adapt to your company’s specific needs and within a short period of time, your workflow will be automated. For occasions where you need to speak with a real life bookkeeper, a dedicated accountant will resolve issues and continue teaching the bot how to handle new types of requests.

Interacting with botkeeper is as simple as forwarding invoices to them, asking them to prepare payroll or logging receipts. They track everything, and perhaps with a bit less of an edge than their human counterparts. It’s available 24×7, as is customer support for times you need a human accountant. It handles everything from revenue, expenses, payroll, and benefits. It does all this while reducing your accounting expenses by 50-75%.

Moreover, botkeeper integrates with your existing accounting software systems such as Quickbooks or Xero so you don’t need to change your infrastructure. Further, if you don’t have accounting systems set up yet the botkeeper team will help you as part of their onboarding process. When you work with botkeeper you’re getting exactly what you would by hiring an expert bookkeeper.

botkeeper not only represents a new and innovative service, but also the new direction of the economy. Accountants and other bookkeepers are even choosing to use botkeeper to scale their business and automate the time consuming data entry. Like all progress, people will adapt and progress to a higher plane because of it. And we all benefit from less billing errors and more reliable service.

Woman Social Network Poem

PeopleMaven: Finding the Top Leaders in Their Field

When looking for experts
To meet or to hire
Or maybe you want
Someone to admire

You can go to LinkedIn
Or AngelList too
They feature many noteworthy
People to sift through

But amid all the chaos
And updates and noise
Are those that excel
With skill and with poise

PeopleMaven is
The new place to find
Those secret talents
Who truly do shine

They may not have a platform
Of which they promote
Nor be constantly presenting
As the keynotes

But excel they do
It’s quite clear to see
Rising above
In their work’s quality

To find them is easy
It’s really a snap
Just select who you want
With PeopleMaven’s app

PeopleMaven allows you to save, share, and discover amazing people. Wherever you live, you can readily use PeopleMaven to discover who’s the best plumber, designer, hair stylist, or any profession you care to explore. You can’t easily find leaders in their fields by searching on Google or LinkedIn, so PeopleMaven is the site to turn to.

Founded by Lewis Lin ex-Google and Microsoft executive, Lewis has worked on recruiting problems, products, and services for more than a decade.. A previous startup was an early predecessor to Glassdoor, the popular company review website. Matching the right people to the right companies has long been his area of expertise. Having not worked at large companies for a number of years he noticed his professional circles and accompanying network of contacts had grown smaller. PeopleMaven is his answer to that in that anyone can use it to quickly gain insight into the broader network of their professional peers.

Their team includes talented developers and machine learning experts who will implement complex algorithms to sift through large data sets, as PeopleMaven grows. This will make it easy to find exactly the best candidates for the role you’re looking for.

Currently, PeopleMaven is a free service. It may explore becoming a premium tool used by top recruiters around the world as it grows and expands. The fully bootstrapped startup has a small team of three full-time people and a few part-time associates.

Using PeopleMaven is easy. You can either navigate to people by category or use their search feature. To contribute your people recommendations, download the PeopleMaven Chrome extension and then add people from popular sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, StackOverflow and Pinterest. Whenever you come across someone you like or find interesting, with just a few clicks, that person will be includedin PeopleMaven’s portfolio of experts.

Check out PeopleMaven if you’re looking to hire for a corporate client or just needing a specialist close to them.

Castle In Mobile Phone Poem

ShowApp.io: Custom Web Presence for Your Mobile App

Building an app
‎Is a noble quest
‎It takes many skills
To make it the best

Across all devices
Sync with the server
As its users entices

Workflows and interface
Need refinement and care
And once it’s all done
You need a home page to share

It’s just one more task
On a developer’s list
With so much to do
ShowApp can assist

You can select their default
And use templates for all
Even pick custom domain names
So it’s quite personal

For those that need more
Their team is right there
To build a custom design
Of quality rare

Is the new place to host
Your mobile app’s homepage
To make your app the foremost

Founded by ambitious web developer Kevin Mendez ShowApp.io is a website builder and hosting service. It’s intended for mobile app developers who want an easy way to set up a website for their app. ShowApp.io offers generous free packages allowing you to use their hosting service along with your own domain for free. Upgrade and you’ll get the assistance of their design team to build you the home page perfect for your app. They also offer a marketing package upgrade as well.

Although originally intended to be primarily a template based solution, ShowApp.io has found that many customers would like custom designs and consulting, so they’ve continued to cultivate that part of their offering. Kevin, who hails from Chile, is extremely personable and loves connecting with new clients.

The free plan also includes unlimited landing pages, email list builders, social media integration, call to action buttons, easily embeddable YouTube videos, and more. The design team upgrade includes wireframes, UI/UX, and much more personal consultation. The marketing upgrade is geared toward driving users to your website.

ShowApp.io is a recently released platform and is still very much in active development. New features and services are included almost weekly in this must watch custom website solution.

Neon Sign Work Harder Poem

Amazing Marvin: Use Psychological Techniques to Get Your To-Do List Done

So much to do
Throughout the day
You need focus
To fight through the fray

Tasks pile up
And can overwhelm
Making us less productive
And feel out of our realm

Task lists
Are a preferred way
To get things done
They are mainstays

It’s a simple concept
And the quickest route
Just write things down
Then cross them out

Traversing the list
Is the key
One by one
To keep your schedule free

Amazing Marvin
Is a new app
That keeps you moving
Makes progress a snap

Set your goals
And pick your method
To stay on track
And finish what you wanted

With a fun interface
So warm and inviting
Making deadlines
Is much more exciting

Designed to keep
You right on track
Making steady leaps

So if you want
More than a to-do list
Amazing Marvin
Helps you persist

From the picturesque town of Zurich, Switzerland Christina Willner has launched multiple companies. Her ambitious drive along with her UI/UX design and development experience gives her the ability to build engaging and interactive applications that users love. When faced with her own goals and aspirations she realized she needed a tool to increase her productivity. Hence she did what she does best: built a beautiful application, and Marvin was born. Beyond being a task manager Marvin harnesses multiple psychologically proven tactics that help you get things done. Separating task lists into sections, identifying bottlenecks (eating one’s frog), and breaking the day down into subtasks are just a few of the tactics people can select to accomplish everything they set out to. Its colorful interface along with audible sounds all come together to make working on your projects fun. Its warm and compelling workflows cultivate an environment of productivity with thoughtful details, culminating with fireworks when your task list is complete. Christina knows the challenge that overcoming procrastination can be and is driven to keep pressing forward. “We have big plans for the future,” she says.

Black Puppy Poem

Young Alfred: Your Personal Butler to Find the Perfect Insurance Plan

Insurance shopping
Can take a lot of work
To read the legal terms
Where clauses lurk

For every state
And type of property
Renters and owners
Have different needs

Earthquakes storms
Floods and theft
Have each in turn
Left owners bereft

And let’s not forget
So we can sleep soundly
To cover members
Of our four pawed families

When legalese
Comes into play
It’s large companies
That win the day

What we need
Is a kind ma’am or sir
To sift through it all
Like a personal butler

His name is Alfred
And there’s nothing more
He likes to do
Than this legal chore

The many terms
And each hidden clause
He knows by heart
For every law

Houses he can
Duly inspect
Using big data
And AI checks

This saves time
And complexity
Just a few questions
Is all he needs

So next time you move
Or buy cars or home
Send Young Alfred
To the details comb

Young Alfred is a new way to shop for insurance. Surprisingly, the insurance industry still has holdouts that rely on manual inspections and personal insurance agents to make a purchase. In an internet age, it’s time to upgrade the process and Young Alfred is leading the way. Named after the butler from Batman, Young Alfred is an independent insurance agency that sells the best plans for your needs. It represents the top providers and is the way millennials and the new generation expected to buy insurance.

The process of buying home, renters, auto, or pet insurance can be an arduous one. Between all the questions, legalese, terminology, and clauses, many buyers end up making their choice primarily based on coverage rates. For instance, if you’re buying a new home you need to consider all the various types of coverage such as flood, earthquake, and theft. Depending on your location different coverages may be higher risk than others and you should purchase a plan accordingly. Buying home insurance, in particular, requires answering numerous questions about the specifics of the house.

But this is an internet age and we can certainly do better than that. Young Alfred uses readily accessible data to determine all the risk factors for your specific location and optimizes its suggested plans accordingly. It does image analysis of your home to evaluate the materials it’s constructed with. It uses publicly accessible weather and crime data to make sure you understand the risk levels. It pulls from large data sets and distills the amount of information you need to provide to just a few questions. What once was an hour long call with an insurance agent becomes a few minutes filling out a form for free. They created a doc on how to use it if you’d like to check it out here. It’s really so simple you can just go through their friendly interface though.

Founded by David Stasie and Jason Christiansen who met at Wharton’s MBA program, they make a powerhouse team with their combined engineering and finance backgrounds. Young Alfred is currently available in PA, NY, and NJ and will soon expand to the rest of the country. Even if you live in a different state, you can get a clear report on all the risk factors local to your area today, and sign up to be notified when coverage is available.

The days of buying insurance with fax machines and phone calls have come to an end. Young Alfred is your personal assistant that does all the legwork for you, making the process of getting home, renters, auto, and pet insurance as easy as buying a plane ticket.

PS: Young Alfred also put together a sick house cleaning playlist.

Yellow Shoe Textured Laces Poem

FUSED footwear: The Future of Footwear Is Here. 3D Printed Custom Designed Shoes.

Style, fashion
Vogue and sleek
Attention, passion
Crazy chic

Statement, stance
Footwear FUSED
Bold entrance
More than shoes

Custom fit
Social hit
Print 3D

Earth citizen

Social clout
Uber swank
Feet stand out
To the bank

In the know
The new hello

Brazen stride
A posh meow
Rules defied
Get them now

Founded by Philippe Holthuizen FUSED footwear offers made-to-order 3D Printed custom shoes. Contrary to conventional shoes which are comprised of multiple pieces glued and stitched together, FUSED shoes are made all in one piece. They come with a structured midsole providing comfortable cushioning- only the laces are added separately. The fashionable lifestyle sneakers are low or high cut and can be customized in numerous ways. They are very light and fully recyclable by returning them to FUSED.

Since May of this year Philippe has been applying his lengthy design credentials and creative genius to making an environmentally friendly fully recyclable stylish shoe. True to every inventor’s path he tried numerous versions until he found just the right mix of structure, design, and materials. 3D printed entirely from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) they are constructed over a period of hours using increasingly accessible 3D print technology. His vision is to build a recognizable brand with just his design prowess and basic tools. Beyond selling his must-have footwear product line, he’s available to talk to others to share his experience making them. He also offers the same TPE material he uses through his website to help get people started with their own designs.

Philippe’s design studies began in the Netherlands at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He continued on to get his masters in transportation design in Spain at Elisava. His career led him away from automobile design and into fashion, spending a period of time at United Nude where he worked on a shoe worn by Lady Gaga. Shoes continued to be at the forefront of Philippe’s career as he later became a product manager for a company that helps doctors prescribe and order custom insoles for their patients. Armed with his extensive skill at Rhino, a CAD design program, and a penchant for being on the bleeding edge of design both in style and materials, FUSED footwear made its entrance to the fashion world.

Times Square Busy Street Poem

NativX: Personality Based Suggestions for Things to Do in a City

You’ve planned a trip
With some long-time friends
There are many ways
To find local trends

Online reviews
Are a good place to start
Generic guides
To help adventures chart

But one size fits all
Only goes so far
We each have our thoughts
Of what means five stars

Is your local guide
It makes personal interests
And plans collide

Just a few suggestions
Is all it gives
Paradox of choice
Is no way to live

Data science
And complex AI
Drive its helpful insights
To gratify

With their Harvard brains
And Air Force brass
Will make your trips kick ass

A few years ago some friends went on an epic trip to one of their hometowns to the remote Pacific Island of Guam. Between cliff diving, hiking to secret spots, and eating at the favorite places only a local would know, they had a the time of their lives. The friend from Guam who inspired the trip knew his buddies well. Since he understood their personalities he was able to take them to exactly the spots they would love, like only a friend can do.

Inspired by their journey, a few of them did what any enterprising recent and pending graduates would do- built an app so everyone can have as epic of a trip as them. They brought on their friend Austin’s business analytics experience, Sean’s Harvard brains and captain of the lacrosse team leadership, and his brother Brenden’s military discipline and marketing training and launched NativX. NativX harnesses the power of IBM’s Watson and complex data science to quickly determine what makes a five star experience for each individual user. Rather than returning a deluge of location and venue results like travel guides and Yelp might do, it makes select personal recommendations based upon your social media accounts. Currently NativX is live in eight major cities including Austin, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Whether you’re heading to a new town, or just want to find something new to do in your own, NativX makes curated dynamic suggestions to match your personal tastes.

Neon Dollar Sign Transition to Swift Symbol Poem

SwiftDemand: It’s Too Late to Get In on Bitcoin, Don’t Miss SwiftDemand

Money comes
And money goes
As the world revolves around
It brings many highs
And many lows
With the winners nobly crowned

Backed by all
Is honored by the stores
Prices rise
And prices fall
Making dollars worth much more

What happens when
A new medium
Is brought to society
If businesses
Make it welcome
It’s all the same to you and me

Bitcoin came
And a select few
Mined it to no end
Now it’s too late
For me or you
To catch that worthy trend

The count has begun
With SwiftDemand
Giving profit to everyone
Just sign up
And watch it expand
With each cycle of the sun

Every day
You get 100 Swifts
To use just as you please
Send to a friend
Or save with thrift
They transfer with much ease

Will they gain in value
Or stay as they are
That remains for us to see
Turn this penny stock
To fine caviar
They’re available and they’re free

Founded by emerging tech visionary Chris Gregorio SwiftDemand is an experiment with basic income. The concept is simple- sign up for SwiftDemand and claim 100 swifts every day, for free. Swifts can be readily transferred to any other SwiftDemand user in exchange for goods and services.

SwiftDemand is an attempt at solving many societal and crypto currency problems. From heartfelt ideas about tax inequality to the tangible realities that other alternative currencies are unsustainable, SwiftDemand is a new and fresh attempt at making the world a better place. The idea of basic income for all has the potential to level the playing field across historically divisive lines. And for those who aren’t aware, the blockchain technology that backs Bitcoin requires an ever increasing amount of computing power to verify its transactions. Some estimates predict by 2020 it will be consuming as much energy as all of Denmark. SwiftDemand is an alternative currency provider that insists on maintaining an eco-friendly carbon footprint.

Chris found success early in life. From his tween years through college he built a monolithic online video game empire producing over 50 games that received over 100 million views. He’s been sponsored by the most popular outlets developing numerous game series that people just keep coming back for. Now fresh out of school and armed with a formal computer science degree he’s turning his sights to the business world. SwiftDemand employs some of the same traits that caused his games to succeed. It’s very addictive to log in and claim your daily swifts.

SwiftDemand gained early attention in East Asian markets including Japan and the Philippines. A popular news site caught on and published a full feature on how to register and start accumulating swifts. It’s not clear whether it was chance, Chris’s influence in the online gaming industry, or that the Swift currency symbol resembles the Japanese flag, but they are already getting a leg-up on this new asset.

Beyond being an innovative alternative currency that will foster an environment of economic equality, SwiftDemand makes a clever sales tool. One bar in Japan already offers a beer for 500 swifts. While swifts are still establishing their value they can be used as a means to get customers in the door. People will earn roughly a beer’s worth of swifts a week, and head down to the bar spending an evening’s amount of cash. SwiftDemand’s API is readily accessible to both brick & mortar and online businesses to be accepted for their services. If swifts gain in value over time, then the business wins. If the business gains new customers from it, then they win anyway. Soon there will be a SwiftDemand store for you to make purchases online. Sign up for your free swifts today. I’d be thrilled if you use my link so I get the extra 500 swift referral bonus.