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PPC Management

Pick Any Network

Hire Vyteo to fully manage your PPC campaigns. Use our team of dedicated specialists to get the most out of your advertising dollars. Receive ongoing feedback on how and where to maximize your outreach. Get peace of mind knowing your advertising accounts are being continuously refined so you can focus on your core business.


The quickest, easiest, and oftentimes best way to drive traffic to your site is to pay for it. Top social and search sites including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Bing are all designed to make your advertising dollars a great investment. From AdWords campaigns to multi-network advertising packages we can drive targeted traffic to your website. Want to get people on the phone? Then mobile advertising is for you. Looking to build brand awareness? We’ll use programatic display advertising to continuously keep your name in front of your audience. Our team has broad experience and can target the networks you choose and advise which would be best to focus on for your business. Monthly reports will show you the results of your campaigns so we can optimize their effectiveness over time.

Facebook and Adwords are the most common but we can target the networks you favor most.


Facebook is very powerful at driving awareness and mid-funnel consumers. Facebook advertising includes retargeting, lead pages, video ads, sponsored posts, and Instagram. Retargeting is powerful as it shows ads to those who recently visited your site. If you have a CRM full of email addresses Facebook is great for reaching very targeted custom audiences. We’ll take the customers with the best lifetime value and use their emails to find similar Facebook profiles. We will build lists based on leads that clicked through on your ads, and Facebook can match profiles that are similar.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is strongest at generating leads for the lowest cost per acquisition. Its leads convert since potential customers are already in the buying cycle, searching for what your company does. Google also has a display network with millions of sites. It offers a variety of ways to target precisely the users you want. These are image ads displayed to specific audiences, oftentimes on forums or blogs. Google offers retargeting for both search and display networks, showing ads to people who recently visited your site.


We’ll run campaigns for both videos and also display ads on videos. Increasing the number of views and comments on your video increases future viewers’ interest and the video’s popularity on the site. It’s one of the few advertising options that gives you an immediate return on investment while also building a tangible asset.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is perfect for when you value phone calls above all else. If you want to talk your customer through the sale such as for high priced, luxury, or custom offerings, mobile advertising is the solution.

Bing and Yahoo Gemini

Bing and Yahoo Gemini are great to broaden your search advertising campaigns to all the major search engines.

Programmatic Display

Programmatic display offers the finest targeting options as it has a full spectrum of networks. Its advertising inventory includes proprietary and premium ad placements not always available through other channels. Targeting is granular including IP matching, the ability to target by socio-ethnic groups, and by household. Adroll and DoubleClick are two of the preferred providers.

Social Media Advertising

Campaigns with LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media channel will complete your outreach. Each has their own strengths and nuances. LinkedIn is well suited for Account Based Marketing.